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New Resource for Motorcoach Operator

September, 13, 2015

The directory has created a set of badges for motorcoach operators to feature on their company websites. The badges promote “call to action” signals for charter customers. Operators who adopt the linking badges position themselves to benefit in education, information and cross-promotion efforts.

A collage of three variants of the badges

Three variants of the badges that motorcoach operators can add to their company websites.

Click to select a badge that aligns with your online marketing goals.


The two most powerful marketing tools are the product demo and testimonials. Educating a potential customer on both can be accomplished through the use of a badge linked directly to a unique operator profile on This linking strategy allows customers to view the company by a vetted third party.

The profile on effectively communicates a company’s services, while also displaying customer reviews. A group leader is able to peruse prior positive customer testimonials that have been submitted to the company profile. With over 90% of customers indicating online reviews as influential over their purchasing decisions, the testimonials on provide the opportunity to educate visitors of your company’s past successes.


For operators who have yet to amass a repertoire of reviews from its charter customers, badges were also created to encourage charter customers to pen reviews for operators on The badge can be linked to send visitors directly to a “Write a Review” form, which allows current and previous customers of a business to share experiences and spread positive word-of-mouth on behalf of the listed company. Prompting customers to share information about their trip creates new marketable content that helps convince future clients to secure a booking.


Finally, the badges also provide access to a community, as links can be set to direct to the consumer advocate directory subpages including travel tips, charter guide, or many other valuable resources important for first-time planners. Group planners rally behind the bus owner directory and guide and expressing an affiliation helps to promote a motorcoach business’ investment in the industry in the eyes of trip planners.

Help in Adding the Badge to Your Website

Contact staff at 866-375-0800 (703-838-2955) for friendly assistance in adding the free badge to your website. The assets are hosted on servers to ensure fast page loads and non-breaking links. Badge links can be customized to link to a specific operator profile, review page, write a review form, or other resources on

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