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Below is additional information about each association with a direct link to there website.  Please feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions about there association or wish to become a member.


United Motorcoach Association -


We are proud that we have served the motorcoach industry well since 1971.

UMA began as the United Bus Owners Association (UBOA). UBOA was formed out of the large bus association called the National Association of Motor Bus Operators (NAMBO) to represent the smaller coach owner/operator and serve as their voice in Washington D.C. and to protect and promote their interests and welfare. In 1996, UBOA became the United Motorcoach Association to more accurately reflect the industry that it represented.

Today, UMA is a thriving association of motorcoach owners and industry suppliers with other 1000 members located all across North America and representing companies in England, Belgium and France. We are happy to report that over the last 30 years we have remained true to our mission to serve and protect the interests and needs of the small motorcoach owner/operator and the industry as a whole.


The purpose of this Association is to protect and promote the interests and welfare of privately owned common carriers of passengers by motorcoach which shall include:

1. Assistance in promoting beneficial and remedial legislation which is deemed necessary and essential for the advancement and protection of its members.

2. Assistance to members in obtaining uniform, just and proper rules and regulations promulgated by regulatory bodies governing the bus and coach industry.

3. Assistance to members in whatever way possible to maintain a healthy economic posture in order to insure the maintenance for the public of freedom of choice in selecting appropriate and adequate ground passenger transportation services in all parts of North America.

4. Representation of member carriers in regulatory and legislative issues affecting the industry provided, however, that the Association shall not participate in any adversary proceeding wherein a dispute exists between any of its constituent members, unless the proceeding affects the membership as a whole, or a recognized segment of the membership.

5. Promotion of friendly relations with and securing the cooperation and goodwill of the public.

6. Establishment of liaison between bus and coach owners and equipment manufacturers or suppliers for the purpose of specification, or commentary on design and engineering of equipment to be used by bus and coach owners.

7. The exchange of administrative, operative and technical information among bus and coach owners to promote maximum efficiency of each member's operation.

8. Mutual aid among members to render assistance to a member needing emergency mechanical, advisory or operational assistance.

9. Such other objectives or purposes which may from time to time be beneficial to the interest of the members.

10. The taking of whatever action indicated that would tend to promote the safety, convenience and betterment of the motorcoach/bus transportation business of members and their passengers, and to do whatever possible to serve the interest and welfare of members of the association and the riding public at large.

The preceding information comes directly from the UMA Bylaws and each member of the association subscribes to the bylaws when they join.

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Membership Directory 2011/12 200NTA is a trade organization of thousands of tourism professionals involved in the growth and development of the packaged travel industry. We are committed to providing business opportunities and professional education in an environment where our members can foster relationships with one another. Find out what we are all about — and why you should be one of us.

Who Our Members Are

The mark of NTA is one that our members wear proudly. The association's rich history and high standards make NTA members an elite group of industry leaders. Members make up the following categories:

Tour Operators (buyers)

Develop and sell travel packages. NTA's tour operator membership consists of 700 tour operator companies. To learn more about becoming a tour operator member, click here.

Tour Suppliers (sellers)

Provide the package components for tour operators and can fall into one of the following categories: hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, and sightseeing/receptive services*.

*The sightseeing/receptive services category benefits tour operators who want to sell receptive/sightseeing services or other tour packages to tour operators.

To learn more about becoming a tour supplier member, click here.

DMO (sellers)

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) promote specific destinations or regions and include national tourism organizations, state and provincial tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies or instrumentalities. To learn more about becoming a DMO member, click here.

Associates (sellers)

Associate members provide products or services that support the packaged travel industry, but are not tour components. Associate member companies include marketing and consulting agencies, technology companies, logo and amenity providers and insurance organizations. To learn more about becoming an associate member, click here.

For more information on how you can become a part of NTA, call or e-mail us. Make NTA your home in the travel industry.

NTA Headquarters
101 Prosperous Place | Suite 350
Lexington, KY 40509 USA
800.682.8886 (U.S. and Canada)
+1.859.264.6570 Fax