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Why Use this Free Directory to Find an Event?

All of the events listed on BusRates.com are provided by DMOs (Destination Mangement Officers) and CVBs (Convention Bureaus) to draw tour groups to their area. These DMOs and CVBs are members of NTA, the National Tour Association. Held to high standards, these travel and tourism officials proudly wear the NTA mark, and together make up an elite group of industry leaders. Intimately familiar with providing both large and small tour groups with the best local entertainment, the events listed in the BusRates.com directory are a surefire accompaniment to your group travel experience.

What Types of Events are in this Directory?

Events for group tourism are what make the memories at your destination! From rock concerts to parades, sports games to political rallies, and state fairs to ceremonies, the immense variety of exciting events to be a part of is innumerable. Browse our directory to find the best stops at your destination (and on the way there and back, too!).

Top 10 Questions to Ask an Event

  1. Is convenient tour bus loading/unloading available onsite?
  2. Is parking for the bus available nearby the event?
  3. How long should we budget for the event?
  4. Are there dining options available onsite?
  5. Do you offer group discounts?
  6. Do chaperones receive free admission?
  7. Do you require an advance deposit? If so, how much?
  8. Is the deposit refundable?
  9. What is your cancellation and refund policy?
  10. When is final payment due?

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