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7/7/2015: Sincerely Your Transportation Company

Email Signatures Connect Customers Charter-seeking customers contact bus operators listed on via phone, email, website and form-submitted itinerary. 


6/9/15: Rent a Motorcoach for a Casino Escape and Win Big

Ante up and rent a charter bus for a group travel casino run! When you're riding in a coach rental, you can visit multiple casinos for entertainment, food and drink. Join us as we take a look at casinos in the west, midwest and east of the United States.


6/2/15: How Environmentally-Friendly is Riding by Motor Coach?

Buses are big; how do they affect the environment? Find out just how "green" these coach companies are in this article and discover the impact you make when choosing to travel by bus.

5/26/15: Convention Transportation & Top Destinations

Find out some details about scheduling transportation at conferences, conventions and trade shows. Also take a look at current trends for planning future shows as the list of the top ten most popular convention destinations are revealed.

5/19/15: Atlanta Attractions to Visit

Millions pass through the Atlanta International Airport, but miss all of the area attractions the city has to offer. Rent a motorcoach and tour some of the best sites for group travel. Take a look at our picks for best travel spots in this article.


5/12/15: Top 10 Things to Pack for Group Travel

Aside from the essentials, take a look at our list for the top 10 things you might not have thought to pack, but wished you did during the course of your trip. Go fully prepared for your next group excursion with this list.

5/5/15: Going Wild: Top Outdoorsy Travel Ideas

Enjoy the great outdoors and take your group to any one of the beautiful national parks across the country. We list our favorite activities to bring the group together. Awaken the inner beast and go wild with these outdoorsy travel ideas.


4/28/15: Bus Company Safety: No Joking Matter

What matters most when renting a charter bus? Safety! Take a look at this overview of identifying safe operators on with additional information for those looking to find out why bus travel is one of the safest forms of transportation.


4/21/15: Save Money When Booking Multiple Hotel Rooms

Use this one tip when making hotel reservations for your group in order to save money. Avoid commission fees and higher rates imposed by other online travel agencies and booking sites; find out how in this article about renting hotel rooms.


4/14/15: Bus Safety: Understanding the FMCSA

Check into charter bus safety before booking your bus. Find out what the FMCSA is and how they regulate commercial transportation, as well as what does to help you pick safe bus operators for your group.


4/7/15: San Antonio: Something to Remember

Keep an eye on this city on the rise for group travel. One of the fastest growing cities over the past decade, San Antonio offers tour groups new and old experiences across shopping, natural wonders and unforgettable history.


3/31/15: Get Connected and Go Digital on the Bus

Meet the modern charter bus: leather reclining seats, hardwood flooring, WiFi and 110 volt outlets to charge your smart phones, tablets and other devices. Chartering a bus can have these luxuries--find out how to track them down in this article.


3/24/15: Corporate Travel By Bus

If you're a meeting planner and struggling with logistics of transporting your employees or attendees, read this article to find corporate event transportation tips. Take a load off and find out an easy and efficient way to satisfy your employer's transit needs.


3/17/15: Touring Toronto Area Attractions

Rent a bus and visit the most populous city in Ontario for a series of record-setting attractions. Take a look at the city of Toronto for group travel to discover a number one market, a humongus art museum, and Victorian-era industrial architecture.


3/10/15: Character Change Aboard a Charter

Traveling is good for you! And we're not the first ones to notice it, either. There's dozens of incredible motion pictures about cross country trips and how these road experiences grow characters. Take a look at our picks for some of the best dramas and comedies to watch onboard a motorcoach.


3/3/15: Get the Group Going for Cruise Ship Trips

Cruise ships carry more than 3,000 passengers in luxury on inclusive journeys, and sharing that experience within a group enhances the fun! Sometimes it can be a hassle to get the group together to make it to the ship, or back home, so check out these tips for cruise ship transfers by motorcoach.


2/24/15: Taking Food Across U.S.-Canadian Border

An international charter bus trip is exciting; grab your passport, pack your bags and get ready to explore your neighboring country! But one thing often forgotten is food. Ensure your group can quickly cross border patrol and enjoy the motorcoach trip with this article.

2/17/15: Charter Bus Rentals for Chuch Groups

Many a church is rooted in the local community, and so are charter bus operators! Partner up for church group transportation including outreach, gospel choir, mission trips and more. If your congregation doesn't have its transportation needs met, take a look at this article.

2/10/15: Tap Your Toes to these Travel-Worthy Tracks

Need help making that perfect road trip mix for your group? Turn the speakers up and join us as we take a look at highway-inspired tracks to stream onboard a WiFi-enabled motorcoach, play from an iPod, or sing along as the wheels go 'round and 'round.


2/3/15: Ships, Speed and Sharks: Touring Long Beach

Take your group to the "Aquatic Capital of America" to find a maritime paradise to explore. Visit the art deco ocean liner Queen Mary, or strap on a racing helmet to see an Indycar race on the streets of the city. We take a look at travel attraction ideas for this west coast wonder.


1/13/15: Tour Buses with Sleeping Bunks

Where can you find a sleeper coach? Right here on! But first things first, what makes a tour bus with sleeping bunks different? Find out the details in this article as we look at Entertainer coach rentals across the United States.


1/7/15: Best of Charter Partner 2014 Year in Review

Take a look at our picks for our favorite educational resources for group planning from 2014, including some of the exciting travel destinations we had the opportunity to highlight. Here's to another 365 days of great group travel planning!


12/30/14: Ringing in New Year's Eve on the East Coast

New Year's Eve 2015 is here! We take a look at three areas on the East Coast to welcome the New Year, and share ideas for celebrating on the streets, dancing at area attractions, or living large at red carpet events. Travel safely, and have a happy New Year!


12/23/14: Hotels: What Matters Most to Groups

If you've been tasked with picking a group-friendly hotel, what are things you should look for when comparing options? Join us in this article as we look at some of the most frequently sought-after value assets that group leaders look for when booking a hotel.


12/16/14: So You Want to Become a Group Planner

Even first-time group planners can craft an itinerary to compete with the pros. Learn what tools you need to plan a group trip, including meeting transportation, lodging and entertainment needs; and find the tips to pull the whole thing off in this article.

12/9/14: Ideas for Holiday Family Travel

This Christmas season, charter a bus with family and friends to spread holiday cheer! Take a look at our suggestions for seasonal fun when renting a bus, including shopping excursions, Christmas light tours, and more jolly ideas than you can "Ho, ho, ho" at!


12/2/14: Taking a "Spirited" Ride Aboard a Motorcoach

One of the many questions we are often asked is, "Can you drink alcohol on a charter bus?" Find out our answer in this short article which provides an overview of the laws and guidelines for consumption of alcohol when chartering a motorcoach.


11/18/14: How to Find the Best Group Hotel

If you're planning an overnight trip and need a place for your group to rest their heads, make sure you secure a reservation at a group-friendly property. Learn how to get great rates with group reservations at hotels in this article.


11/11/14: Are Refurbished Buses as Good as New?

Sometimes it's difficult to judge a motorcoach by its model year, especially now that refurbished buses are an attractive option for many operators. Find out what constitutes a refurbished coach as we investigate how they stack up to new models in this article.


11/4/14: Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Chartering a Bus

If you've received quotes and are looking to narrow your options to ensure you select the best bus operator for your group, transform these 10 questions into answers to help make the best decision when renting a charter bus. 


10/28/14: Bad News Brokers

Finding a charter bus online isn't as cut and dry as you may think. We take a look back into the reasons why was developed in this article and share ways in which you can protect yourself and save money when booking online.


10/21/14: Go Yellow and Save Green

When thinking of affordable charter transportation options, think school buses! These yellow vehicles can safely transport you and 43 others around town more affordably than other bus type options. Get school bus rental specifics here.


10/14/14: Top Healthy Snack Picks for Long Group Trips

Don't forget your road trip essentials; one of which is snacks! Curious about what's best to bring aboard a motorcoach to munch on? Take a look at our picks for healthy snacking options while on the road.

10/7/14: Exploring the Emerald Coast

Escape the colder fall weather and take your group to the "Playground of the Gulfcoast." The 100-mile stretch includes group travel experiences for all group types; join us as we explore Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, and the Forgotten Coast.


9/30/14: Prep Work for Picking a Charter Bus

Don't be a dummy! Join us as we review the Top 10 things to know before renting a motorcoach. This prep work will help your decision-making process when picking a charter operator to give your group a great travel experience.

9/23/14: Nelson 151 Trail: Nelson County's Wine and Brew Corridor

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a breath-taking sight and provide limitless opportunities for group travel experiences. Join us as we take a look at breweries, wineries, and a gorilla (seriously!) along the base of the mountains on the Nelson 151 Trail outside of Charlottesville, VA.


9/16/14: Plan a Full Trip with

Need a primer on group travel planning from start to finish? Check out this article which discusses the components of trip-building including hotels, attractions, restaurants and charter bus transportation.

9/9/14: Trolley Bus Rentals for Nostalgia and Class

Weddings, parties, and themed events are a perfect match for the fun atmosphere of trolley bus transportation. Take a look at what to expect when renting a trolley for your group and find out the differences between trolley bus models.

9/2/14: Top 15 Complaints You Can Avoid When Selecting a Charter Operator

Renting a charter bus can sometimes feel like a blind date. Will the bus show up? How will it look? Don't let these questions worry you by building confidence ahead of time. Take a look at our study of the top complaints against charter operators, and learn how you can avoid these pitfalls for your next group trip.


8/26/14: This Isn't Your Grandpa's StageCoach

Forget what you know about charter bus transportation and take a look at how many operators are currently outfitting their equipment: wifi, 110 volt outlets, leather seating, and other luxurious amenities. Find out how to get these perks when browsing


8/19/14: American History Comes Alive for Group Tours in Gettysburg

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Join us as we look at the best things to do, appetizing places to eat, and fun attractions that can be seen at this historic group travel destination.


8/12/14: Safe and Affordable Motor Coach Travel

What form of transportation is safer, more flexible, and less expensive? If you guessed motorcoach, you'd be correct! Take a look at these benefits to chartering a bus and learn about the perks of coach rental for your next group trip.

8/5/14: Learn Travel Lingo for Group Trips

Can you "talk the talk" when booking group charter transportation? We'll define some common slang and phrases you'll encounter during the charter booking process to help you graduate from group travel novice to savvy group leader.

7/29/14: Favorite Attractions at Mall of America

Minnesota's Mall of America offers endless group travel activities across 4.2 million square feet. Join us as we check out the entertainment options for all ages: explore Barbie's dreamhouse, ride a roller coaster with your favorite Nickelodeon characters, and swim with the sharks.

7/22/14: From Motor City Models to Classic Cars

Take a coach bus on an automotive tour and be sure to visit these attractions in Detroit and across the border in Chatham, Ontario. Find the biggest car shows, tour the areas' historic resources and museums, and then put your arms up in the air at the race track.

7/15/14: Minneapolis Beyond the All-Star Game

The half-point of the 2014 MLB season and this year's All-Star Game put Minneapolis on our radar, so we invite you to join us as we explore the city's area attractions. It's a beautiful city to visit for art, music and shopping. After all, where else can you find a spoon and cherry that weighs over 3 tons?

7/8/14: Thinking of Christmas in July

Planning ahead can end up saving you a sleigh-full of money, so while the summer sun swelters outside, let's look ahead to holiday planning for the winter season. Check out our picks for holiday shopping and holiday escaping across the United States.


7/1/14: Housing Near the Happiest Place on Earth

There's no denying that Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations for groups and families in the United States. SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and of course, Disney World attract millions. But where are the best places to stay if you're traveling with a group? We answer that and more in this article.

6/24/14: Quality Time at Pigeon Forge with Family

Taking a break from the routine for summer vacation is great, and spending it with loved ones and friends makes it even better. Couple that with a great destination like Pigeon Forge and you've got the recipe for an incredible itinerary around the eastern part of Tennessee, surounded by the Smoky Mountains.


6/17/14: Take a Gamble—Go Off the Strip

Las Vegas is more than casinos and shows, so join us as get adventurous and hop off the main strip to see what else the area has to offer. Nearby attractions are appropriately themed to enable "living it up," including getting behind the wheel of million-dollar exotic cars, sliding beside sharks, and re-shaping the very desert on which Vegas is situated.


6/10/14: Chicago Museums, Movies and Munchies

Chicago is an incredibly diverse city that is at the top of many travelers' lists. Out of the multitude of things to do in the city, we look at the cultural and historical libraries, the locations of silver screen movie magic, and cuisine of the "Second City."


6/3/14: Awesome Accommodations for Motorcoach Groups

Find out how to find the best hotel for your charter group. This article provides a helpful overview of how you can use's powerful database to help you find more than just a motorcoach for your next trip. Get the facts and travel tips on saving money at motorcoach-friendly group accommodations.

5/27/14: Recreational Group Activities Off the Beaten Path

Join us as we take a look at a lesser-known destination, albeit a location that presents an abundance of great recreational group activities. Take the group to Chatham-Kent to experience more than 60 tourism experiences. We'll check out the best places for water sports, outdoor hunting and cultural history in this hidden gem.


5/20/14: Back-to-Back "Beer City USA" Tour of Grand Rapids

The city that won "Beer City USA" in 2012 and 2013 continues to prove it earned its name. Over fifteen breweries make this a perfect destination for craft beer afficianados. Join us as we take a look at some of the most group-friendly breweries and suggest food pairings for the second-largest city in the Mitten State.


5/13/14: Road Trip Essentials

Check out the five ingredients for a perfect group road trip. Get everything in order to enjoy a summery excursion to your favorite destination, and keep all of your compadres copasetic for road trip bliss. Grab a comfortable coach, savory snacks and more as the tarmac heats up for summer travel.


5/6/14: Group Travel Ideas for Memorial Day

After what seemed to be a never-ending winter, the sun has come out and it's time to get excited for the three day weekend that is Memorial Day. Check out our travel ideas across the United States as we sing along to "America the Beautiful" on this tour de force of liberty-inspiring locales.

4/29/14: Packing List Tips for Motorcoach Travel

Hooray, a trip is planned and you'll be traveling by charter bus! But what should you pack? How does luggage work on a motorcoach? Join us as we answer these questions about suitcases and carry-ons for charter transportation, including tips for well-packed luggage.

4/22/14: From Gators to Gymnastics Around Orlando

Central Florida is a travel and tour wonderland for groups of all types. Take a look at these Orlando area attractions that might be lesser known, but are no less memorable for charter groups. Be sure to add these great destinations to your next motorcoach trip to the Sunshine State!

4/15/14: Give Your Group the Need for Speed

Join us as we revisit our favorite roller coasters and theme parks. Grab air-time on our favorite wooden coaster, then accelerate to 128mph in 3.5 seconds in a strata coaster. Adrenaline junkies will definitely get their fix in this list of coasters for group travel inspiration.

4/8/14: How to Save 25% on Charter Transportation

Before calling for price quotes, make sure you identify the best companies to contact first. Find out how to save big on motorcoach rentals for your group from bus-owning companies, and learn to recognize the signs of brokers in order to avoid hefty commission fees.

4/1/14: Let Lighthouses Add to Your Beach Vacation

Rain and storms on a summer beach vacation doesn't have to ruin the memories; round up the group and take them to a beachside lighthouse for a tour. Check out our spotlight on the North Carolina coast for tips on planning a lighthouse retreat.

3/25/14: The Search for Mister or Miss Right (Tour Guide)

The directory is your best partner in planning group travel, but if you run into a situation in which you need professional assistance in planning a highly detailed group trip, check out our suggestions for finding the perfect tour guide match.


3/18/14: New Orleans Jazz Fest LineUp Announced

There's still time to plan a group trip to New Orleans for one of the best musical experiences in the country. Taking place late April, the New Orleans Jazz Fest offers more live music acts than you can shake a trombone at. Check out the lineup, videos and more.


3/11/14: We Want You to Use Your Voice

We think consumer reviews offer great advice when planning a group trip. Charter and tour companies that rise above always exhibit superior customer service, so join us in this article as we look at ways to find the best service for your group as well as the best ways to share your experience with others.


3/4/14: Go Green for St. Patrick's Group Travel

Salute the Irish and orchestrate a group trip to one of these five St. Patrick's Day celebrations across the United States. We look at the parades, festivals, and temporarily green rivers that attract hundreds of thousands of group travelers each year.


2/25/14: Party Prepping for Holidays in March

Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and Spring Break holidays are March mainstays so make sure you're ready for next month with this fun packing list. Also join us as we examine regulations for alcohol consumption on board buses and best practices for working with your charter company to ensure a good time.

2/18/14: Spring Break Beach Destinations

Join us as we count down the top five college Spring Break beaches. Enjoy sun, surf, food and drink aplenty across these five destinations. Catch the best free concerts, find nearby attractions, and don't forget to spike that volleyball across the hard-packed white sand beaches.


2/11/14: Mardi Gras Parties for Groups: Beads, Buds and Buses

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, but did you know Mardi Gras celebrations can be found all over the country? Join us in Alabama, Missouri, Texas and California for Fat Tuesday festivals across the United States, including the best way to travel between them.


2/4/14: Spring Break in the Snow

Instead of hitting the beach for Spring Break, change it up and hit the slopes! For those looking for adventure in the Rocky Mountains, this article takes a look at three ski resorts in Colorado that will turn any spring break into a memorable vacation.


1/28/14: See Black History Month in Travel

Put down the book and get a group together to see history. February is Black History Month and we've collected hotspots in Washington D.C., Atlanta and New York for groups to get up close and personal at defining locations of African American history within the United States.


1/14/14: Skiing South of the Mason Dixon Line

There's nothing quite like the feeling of gliding over freshly fallen snow, so be sure to share the experience with friends! Organize a ski trip with the gang and hit the slopes at some of the best skiing spots to travel to across Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee. We dare you to tell us snow tubing isn't fun.

1/7/14: Travelers Trade Wings for Wheels

Millions travel across the country this time of year, but trends show a decline in air travel as more people hit the road to reach their destinations. Find out the latest stats and get some hard facts on how motorcoach travel can be the best option for transportation around the holidays.


12/31/13: Best of Charter Partner 2013

Join us for a year in review of the group planner blog Charter Partner. We pick out our top 5 favorite stories from the past year that take you through the group travel experience from inspiration to planning to fine-tuning your itinerary for your unique pack of travelers.

12/24/13: Safely Ringing in 2014

Start 2014 off right with a New Year's Eve bus rental. Discover music, lights and champagne on a mobile (and safe!) party on wheels. Check out our details for chartering a party bus in this article.


12/17/13: Top 5 Group Vacation Ideas for 2014

Put your pen to the paper on that brand new calendar and get to planning with these top five destinations for group travel. The list includes new up-and-coming locations alongside old favorites entertaining new and exciting events this year.


12/10/13: Keeping Your Cool This Holiday Season

Have you considered ways to make your life easier as we head into the holiday season and its whirlwind of activity? Check out our tips to keep the kids at bay, streamline airport pickups, and find excellent group rates for extended families headed inbound for the festivities.


12/3/13: The Feds Rule on Seat Belts on Motorcoaches

As projected, a federal ruling has been issued requiring safety belts on all new motorcoaches and buses. Find out when this rule will take effect, as well as other details regarding seat belts on coaches in this week's article.


11/28/13: A Day of Thanks wishes you and your group a Happy Thanksgiving. We collected our favorite holiday-inspired quotes from wise sources ranging from Theodore Roosevelt to Charlie Brown. Click through to reflect on what you're thankful for this day. 


11/26/13: Keeping Classy for Christmas

After sleeping off the turkey from a Thanksgiving meal, brew up a pot of coffee and get energized for Black Friday shopping. Except this year, why not treat you and your shopping partners to a less rambunctious journey to the outlets and rent a limo bus together. Find out the benefits in this article.


11/21/13: Bowl Bound via Bus!

College football games are underway and it's time to start planning for college bowl game days. Have you considered renting a bus? Turn the tailgating experience into an excursion with convenient hotel bookings for the night. Read our playbook to make sure your group planning results in a victory.


11/19/13: Party Bus Rentals for Groups

Thinking of a party bus? Learn a little bit about school bus conversions turned party buses and discover bus types in which you can have a drink on board. Plan a celebratory night out with these tips and info on party bus rentals.


11/12/13: Winter Activities in New England

If you're looking to have some unordinary fun with your group of travelers this winter season, check out our picks for the best out-of-the-box winter activities. Take to the northeast to wax that toboggan, pet that sled dog and hold on for dear life on the zip line.


11/5/13: As Seen on Reality TV...

Buses are everywhere and provide transportation for groups in all industries--even in reality TV. Catch up with your favorite reality TV stars in this article where we look at shows on ABC, MTV and Bravo networks and how they move their groups of reality tv stars on camera.

10/29/13: Charter Bus + Band of Brothers

Get the guys together for a road trip via charter bus. We spotlight the best "bro" activities and suggested wheels for each trip. Steaks, racetracks, golf and more... this is an itinerary for the men.

10/15/13: National Parks Begin to Re-Open

Several national parks have re-opened during the shutdown thanks to states footing the bill. Find out which states have opted to open which national parks, and when your group can visit. While the government shutdown persists, this is a temporary relief for group travel.


10/8/13: Holiday Travel Planning

Believe it or not, we are less than 100 days from the holiday season, so now is a perfect time to begin planning Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year activities for your group. What tops the list for holiday excursions? Find out in our article.


10/3/13: U.S. Federal Government Shutdown of 2013

Over 400 national parks and museums are closed to tourists due to the federal government shutdown. Find out the details and scope of what's involved in this article. We'll examine how charter and tour groups are affected, as well as provide resources for identifying which locations to avoid for the moment.


9/17/13: Oktoberfest: Lift a Stein to 180 Years of Fall Fun

No need to travel to Germany to Oktoberfest. We spotlight four incredible destinations for Barvarian-inspired celebrations this time of year, including some in locations you might not expect! Grab a beer, brat and help yourself to a pretzel for this article.


9/3/13: Who Says the Trip Has to End?

Group leaders can use new social media technology to rally their group, amp up the excitement and keep everyone in the loop. Other social media services capture trip experiences to keep them memorable long after the group has disbanded. Review our picks for the social traveller.


8/27/13: Ten Great Places for Group Travel Inspiration

Fans of lists: brace yourselves! Click through to view the top ten group travel destinations that satisfy the top five needs for enjoyable travel experiences. Learn a thing or two, catch a show, and tap your toes before cooling off at the beach or the park in the best locations across the USA.


8/20/13: Catch the Fall Leaves No Matter Where You Are

The New England area may be famous for its fall foliage tours, but there are jaw-droppingly beautiful locations all across the United States to witness nature's amazing color spectrum. Travel with us from the Northeast to the West Coast as we round-up the best areas and times for autumn leaf tours.


8/13/13: Going Green as a Group

What's one of the best ways to be environmentally conscious when traveling? Ride a motorcoach! Put the gardening gloves on and get out a trowel to dig into facts about the environmental impact of travel and the benefits of chartering a bus for your next trip.


8/6/13: The State of Seat Belts in the Industry

Travel by motorcoach is one of the safest forms of transportation. Rulemaking to require the installation of seat belts on tour buses is likely to pass this year. Find out the details and legislation surrounding seat belts in this article.


7/30/13: Group Travel Destination: New York City in Fall, Winter

Some consider New York the greatest city on earth. It's an incredible destination no matter what time of year, but autumn and winter provide particularly exciting possibilites for charter and tour groups looking to visit the Big Apple.


7/23/13: Creating an Agenda of Attractive Attractions

Take a look at the logistics and appeal of group-friendly attractions in this article. Find out what makes an attraction so attractive and learn key tips to keep in mind when arranging itineraries for your next motorcoach tour.


7/16/13: Getting to the Game

Whether it's college or pro football, there's nothing quite like being in the stands at the field. Bratwurst, burgers and beer are the three "B's," but getting to the game requires the two "S's." Find out what those are in our article.


7/9/13: Mom is Right. Safety Comes First, Especially with Group Travel

Traveling in groups is safer than going it alone, but for very large groups or long distance trips that cross country boundaries, it's smart to have a plan of action should anything go awry. Check out our tips for being prepared no matter where you go on your next trip.


7/2/13: Pursue Happiness on the Road this Independence Day

Celebrate the Fourth of July by soaking up the USA with fantastic group travel destinations. Visit the battlefields where Americans fought for freedom, enjoy cuisine resulted from the nation's cultured "salad bowl" or travel by coach to witness the majesty of our natural resources across mountains and plains.


6/25/13: Must Be Born Before '92 for this Group Trip

Planning an excursion with friends and leaving the kids and dog at home? Concerts, culture, and cordials summarize our suggestions for grown-up group entertainment. Check out these picks for group activities for adults.


6/18/13: Buses and Bouquets: A Perfect Combination for Your Wedding

A wedding is a monumental event. This article aims to help you pick the perfect transportation for your perfect day. Find tips for transportation regarding the size and style of your wedding guests. Shuttle patrons between the ceremony and reception with ease.


6/11/13: Break Out the Games for Roadtrip Bonding

For "over the road" charter trips, or those long hauls that take groups across state lines and overnight, having a few party games to play during the ride can provide a fun and unifying experience. We've collected several great gaming suggestions for groups interested in some active participation of the "fun" variety in this article.


6/4/13: To Stay or Not to Stay... That is the Group Travel Question

Deciding where to stay overnight during a group charter has the potential to incite uncertainty in even the most well-travelled planner. But there's no need for uncertainty when booking your accommodations through the use of Gather 'round for tips on using our directory to help you select the perfect group hotel.


5/28/13:  Group Travel Grub Time

When the inevitable hunger growls in the collective belly of your group, where do you turn? Plan your restaurant stops ahead of time and secure great group rates to keep everybody fueled up. View our tips about grabbin’ grub in this planner article.


5/21/13: Group Travel Planning in Chicago

Take a group to the Windy City and explore music, theater, dining, and more. This spotlight article focuses on selected 'B's of group travel: Blues, Broadway and... Beef? Find out more as the Spotlight provides fun suggestions for your next trip to the city.

5/14/13: Factoring Safety into Your Planning

Learn how the Charter and Group Travel Directory keeps safety in mind for your group's next outing. Find links to resources and tips, and learn a little about the charter operators and hotel properties that are listed in the most popular group travel directory online.


5/7/13: Best Movies to Watch on a Charter

Gearing up for a group trip via coach bus, packed the popcorn and snacks, but still haven't decided on the entertainment? Check out these top picks for movies to watch onboard your next charter.


4/30/13: Fly Away or the Highway? The Wheels Have It!

Debating between flying or motorcoach travel? This article examines the ups and downs of flying versus the smooth ride of a charter bus for group travel. Are wings worth the hassle, or will wheels provide more flexibility, efficiency and ease for your group?


4/23/13: Plan a Grand Slam for Summer Kid Group Travel

Plan destinations for summer vacation travel with kids. This article carves the U.S. into regions to discuss famous baseball diamonds and accompanying educational attractions. Hit a home run with these group travel planning suggestions.



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