BusRates appreciates your business, we want to help you succeed, and we want to have a long term relationship with you. To that end we reward those clients who have long term contracts with us. We understand though that not every business can look that far into the future and must keep their exposure low so month-to-month arrangements are still available.

Account Types BusRates has three types of pre-paid accounts; quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly.

  1. If you pay quarterly you will receive a discounted rate totaling ½ month for free.
  2. If you pay bi-annually you will receive a discounted rate totaling 1 month for free.
  3. If you pay annually you will receive a discounted rate totaling 2 months for free.

Important: Discounts can be revoked or changed at any time. Only new accounts and current monthly recurring accounts are eligible. Discount not available in all metro areas, talk to your account manager or CSR for details.

Month-to-month payments receive no discounts.

Accounts Status' There are 4 account status' and 1 self-imposed hybrid status that your business can be in:

  1. Current/In good standing, all bills are paid, your page is up to date, it is displaying valid operating credentials, and has a majority of positive ratings, the account is active and visible in search results.
  2. Collection, the account is still active and visible in search results but is in need of attention for payment issues, the account is in danger of going to the next collection level and is being worked on with a BusRates.com CSR.
  3. Suspended involuntary, due to payment, credentialing, or majority of negative reviews the account is no longer listed on the site and will not show up in search results. The account is still active in the back office, its record has not been deleted, and is being worked on with a BusRates.com CSR, once full payment, valid credentials, and reviews are explained or substantially addressed the account will go back to being seen in search results.
  4. Cancelled, the account has been deleted, it will no longer be seen in search results, and its debt has been listed as bad debt.
  5. Hybrid status - Suspended-voluntary, the account has been placed on hold for various reasons by the owner/operator for an identified period of time after which the account will be reinstated onto the site. To have your account put in this status it requires a discussion with a BusRates.com CSR as well as a small monthly payment based on the current monthly fee. If you are in a pre-paid contract, your contract terms will be frozen at the time of suspension and resume in full where it was left off once the suspended period has run out.

Payment Terms for all pre-paid accounts:

You will receive notice that your bill is due one month prior to your account expiring, you will have until the 1st or the 15th of the next month to pay your account in full.

If you do not pay for 5 days’ prior the 1st and the 15th, you will receive a reminder email letting you know that your account is in danger of becoming past due. Your account will be officially listed as in Collection. At this point finance charges will begin to accrue.

If you do not make restitution by the 60th day from invoice date your account will be Suspended-Involuntary on the 61st day, meaning you will no longer receive quote requests.

Your account will remain suspended for another 30 days and on the 91st day your account will be Cancelled.

This means:

  1. You will lose your group number which directly affects how you will be seen in search results; you will be assigned a new one if you come back.
  2. You will lose any discounts, and will revert to full payment for all of your metro areas. (Your ability to receive discounts will be reinstated after you’ve completed one full year of uninterrupted presence on BusRates)
  3. You will need to renegotiate your contract.
  4. You will need to sign a one-year commitment contract to be reinstated.

If you do not pay your invoice for 120 days, it will be referred for bad debt.

Finance charges: All accounts that are in the collections, suspended-involuntary, and cancelled status' will be subject to finance charges of 18% per year. Finance charges will accrue monthly and will be due in full in order to be re-instated and be seen in search results.

Customer Cancellation and enrollment periods: If necessary the customer may cancel their account at any time during the prepaid period, if a balance is still available it will be refunded. It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel their account prior to the end of the enrollment period and not after the next enrollment period begins. If you do not cancel your account before then you will still be liable for the new contract period about to begin. If the new enrollment period begins and you have not made payment for the time period in your contract you will be liable for the prorated amount plus the discount you had for your account, prorated amounts not to exceed 2 months, discounts not to exceed 2 months, total charge not to exceed 4 months.

Month-to-month account collections: If you are paying for BusRates on a month-to-month basis, your payment is due on either the 1st or the 15th of the month you are paying for. If you do not pay by the 14th or the last day of the second month (depending on which cycle you are on) your account will be suspended. If you don't pay by the balance by 30th of the third month your account will be cancelled and subject to all of the above cancellation provisions.

Collection Process:

Step 1: In the 30-5 day before the end of your current contract an email will be sent alerting you to your impending renewal date and upcoming new contract period. If any changes need to be made to your contract it is your responsibility to contact us with them during this time. In the 5-0 day range of your current contract a reminder email will be sent requesting payment.

Step 2: In the 0-20-day range after renewal period has begun, if no payment is made or received you will be emailed weekly. In the 20-30-day range after renewal period has begun and no payment has been received or made you will be called every 2 days. In the 30-60 day range you will be called every 2 days for restitution. On the 55th day you will be emailed a suspension notice, if no payment is received or made on the 61st day your account will be suspended.

Step 3: In the 60-90-day range after renewal period has begun and no payment has been made or received you will be called once a week and emailed once a week. On the 91st day your account will be cancelled. You will have 30 days to pay before your account is officially cancelled.

Step 4: After 120 days your account will be referred for bad debt.