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Who We Are and What We Do Save Money, Save Time... Go Direct!

We are a directory of contact information for bus operators and group travel providers across the United States and Canada. Use to plan your group travel easily.

By contacting companies directly, you are able to "skip the middleman" and avoid the price markup that a national broker or travel agent would tack onto your rate. The directory allows you to save time and save money by going direct.

Our directory includes the following information for the companies listed within, enabling you to find the company that best fits your needs. Company profiles on contain:

General Rates            Custom Quotes
List of Amenities             Specifications
Inventory             Website Addresses
Telephone Numbers             Email Addresses
Company Descriptions             Customer Reviews

To find bus operators, hotels, attractions, events, or restaurants in your area, begin a search on our homepage.


What's Inside the Directory? strives to be the most current, complete and categorized database of charter bus companies and group travel providers available online. is a resource designed for the travel professional, offering help on all aspects of chartering a bus, planning your itinerary, and contacting vendors directly. Not only is this a great tool for the experienced group leader, but it also provides those who have never chartered a bus or orchestrated group travel before with the resources and information needed to plan a large group trip. takes most of the relevant and important information available about chartering a bus and planning your group travel and presents it in an organized, concise, easy-to-reference summary.

At you can locate bus companies that provide both bus and driver for your group functions by state, city or proximity using your zip code. also features group-friendly hotels, attractions, events, and restaurants.

To save time, companies on are divided into five categories: Buses, Hotels, Attractions, Events, and Restaurants. Using the search boxes, you are free to jump back and forth between the categories, adding or removing companies that fit your needs to an "itinerary" that allows you to request efficient custom quotes.

The bus category is further divided into the eleven bus types listed below, noting also if the company runs group tours. To further serve you, all listings are personally verified for accuracy.

What Does Not Include:

  • Brokers or middlemen
  • Fixed route/single passenger tickets
  • Public transportation
  • School bus companies that do not charter to the public
  • Tourism and travel suppliers who are not members of NTA

30 Phone Calls or One Search? uniquely allows bus companies and tourism service providers to post their specific fleet sizes, types, amenities, general rates, and other information to help its visitors quickly find the company best suited for their client or group before making a single phone call. Buyers in need of a quick quote or even book a trip no longer need to wait two or more days for exact quotes from quote referral services because general rates are immediately available on the site for various local areas including options and inventory.




Our History

Launched in 2004, is owned and operated by the United Motorcoach Association.  It was developed as a dual resource for the bus charter industry by providing free comprehensive and easy-to-use charter information for consumers and an economical venue for bus owners to promote their many services.

The directory started with a rough list of over 10,000 bus companies across the US. Each company was verified, which delivered some surprising results. A little over 4,000 of these listings were actual bus companies that owned buses, chartered to groups, and were currently in business. We took it one step further and asked these 4000 plus companies what types of buses they offer and then categorized them by bus type. For example, of the 60 bus companies listed in your area, 24 are active companies, and 6 companies have minibuses in their fleet, saving you time, and making it easier for you to work directly with bus owning-companies to save money as well.


Board of Directors and Staff

Stacy Tetschner of UMA, CEO, Chairman
David Brown of Holiday Tours, Board of Directors
Jeff Polzien of Red Carpet Charters, Board of Directors
Gladys Gillis of Starline Luxury Coaches, Board of Directors
Stephen Brown of Brown Coach, Board of Directors
Steven Valley, General Manager
Sean McVay, Senior Business Development Manager
Antonio Thomas, Business Development Coordinator
Roxana Melgar, Senior Account Manager
Crystal Sobande, Account Representative

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Contact Us:

Ph: 866-375-0800
Ph: 703-838-2955
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Our Objectives

  • To provide buyers everything they need to know before chartering a bus and booking their group travel destinations
  • To make it easy for buyers to find the companies that best suits their needs
  • To provide local charter bus companies and tour and travel providers with a cost effective way to receive national advertising exposure
  • To facilitate an Internet marketing alliance among bus operators and tourism providers
  • To promote the charter bus and group travel industries

Our Mission

To make customers aware that not all bus companies own buses; provide them with a detailed database of companies in the US and Canada that do; and show them how to verify ownership. To offer a complete how-to guide for bus chartering groups. To enable group leaders to efficiently and effortlessly contact their desired service providers across hotels, attractions, events, restaurants, and bus operators.