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The Charter Partner: A Group Planner's Blog

The Charter Partner is the official group planner blog of Blog posts are linked below and cover a wide variety of topics including travel destinations, tips to keep the group together during travel, and more.

10/02/17 Six Principles of Effective Student Travels Planning  If you are planning a student trip and think it’s a bit much, take a deep breath. You can plan a trip, easy! Here are six effective steps for student and youth group travel planning.

8/18/17 The Effects Of Group Travel On Youth Groups When you go on trips for youth groups, it can change everything. Experiencing new things can transform everything in a person’s world. 

8/9/17 Top Five Reasons to Encourage Travel for Troubled Youth Travel can be life changing for anyone. Experiencing anything new, especially a new culture, changes perspective of the world around you.

7/21/17  7 Tips on How to Plan a Youth Trip! Are you planning a Youth Group trip but need a little help? Use these expert tips that will make booking your youth group trip a breeze. 

7/14/17 How Can Group Travel Empower Today's Youth? As an Adult, How Can You Help?  Today’s youth are our future, and as adults, we have to help guide and prepare them for that. One of the best ways to help the newest generation navigate the world is by traveling.

7/7/17 10 Best Tours for Senior Gorup Travels 

If you just want to relax in the sand and sun senior group travel tours take you to some of the sunniest places in North America. These are the 10 best tours for senior groups.

6/30/17 How to estimate group travel expenses

You have finally settled on where to travel to, now, you need to figure out all of the large group expenses. The travel expenses can change the entire trip.

6/28/17 Top 5 List of things to do to make your Bus Trip more enjoyable

If you are travel planning for a bus or motorcoach trip, you may want to think about all the ways you can make your trip more enjoyable.

5/18/17 Group Travel to Nashville TN

Nashville is one of the most interesting cities in the US. Known for its country music and delicious BBQ but there is so much to discover in Nashville.

5/12/17 5 Steps to Planning a Trip to a Theme Park

Whether it’s Disneyland or Cedar Point, you need to know what steps to take to get there.

4/22/17 The Teacher’s Field Trip Checklist

There is certainly no shortage of things for a group leader to remember when preparing for a field trip, especially if the trip lasts several days. 

2/17/17 A Brief History of the Motorcoach

Motorcoaches, or buses as they are often simply known, are vehicles that most of us have had experience with at some point in our lives. 

2/3/17 Congratualtions Elaine Chao 

UMA and applauds Elaine Chao for her confirmation as the nation’s 18th U.S. Transportation Secretary.

1/6/17 The Young Life Portal

I’m delighted to announce that UMA has been working with the Young Life organization so that their travel planners can use UMA’s BusRates website to more efficiently handle their bus and Motorcoach transportation needs. 

12/22/16 BusRates Year in Review Stats

It's been a great year and a lot has happened during it, here are some numbers that will give you an idea of just how much business and traffic BusRates generates.

12/11/16 Now is the time to winterize your vehicle

With the coming of the winter solstice we’ll officially move into the longest coldest days of the season.

11/23/16 2016 Thanksgiving Travel Fun Facts

Thanksgiving is an extremely popular travel time, as people hit the road to see friends and family. All this traveling leads to some pretty staggering Thanksgiving stats. 

11/11/16 3-Tips for Great Ski Trips by Motorcoach

Here are three tips to help you and your crew have the time of your lives while avoiding the common traps that lead to a trip that's "just okay." 

10/21/16 10 Halloween Tours that will scare you back on the bus!

Whether you’re getting down with the spirits in Spokane or the ghosts in Galveston, there are ghoulish Halloween thrills to be had all over the US.

10/15/16 Take a Bus to the Big Game

What better way to tailgate than with 50 of your closest friends? Take a group trip to your favorite college or professional football game. 

9/30/16 10 Best Fall Foliage Trips in the US

You don't have to travel far to take in the phenomenon of fall foliage.

9/9/16 BusRates Training Classes

I think we can all agree that getting some training, class room time, instruction... whatever you want to call it is a good thing. 

8/27/16 SLA's, or, making sure we honor the customer 

As a vendor on BusRates, you have 48 hours to respond to all legitimate business requests.

8/12/16 School Bus Safety: infographic

As you get back in the swing of fall and the closing of the beaches, as drivers we need to make sure that all children get to school safely.

7/29/16 The Advantages of Motorcoach Travel 

If cross-country speed is your only concern, America's professional motorcoach operators admit you need to look elsewhere.

7/15/16 How Busy is BusRates?

The lifeblood of any web site business is traffic and make no mistake, BusRates is a very busy site.

7/1/16 Are you Guitly of Not Respnding to Quote Requests?

The number one complaint we receive from charter-seeking customers who use may surprise you: “I never received a response from the company I selected” is the most common problem we hear from users.

6/24/16 How big is the Motorcoah Industry?

What's not to love about an industry that is part of the greening of America and provides nothing but fun and good times?

6/15/16 Get Ready to Make Some Money

That's right, get paid for doing what you need to do for your group anyway... book them a place to stay after they've arrived!

6/10/16 Why You Should Hire a Motorcoach for Your Wedding Party

If your wedding day is approaching, you may wonder how everyone will arrive to the ceremony and reception.

9/13/2015 Creates Member Badges

The directory has created a set of badges for motorcoach operators to feature on their company websites. The badges promote “call to action” signals for charter customers. 

8/15/15 Replying to Reviews

Most online review sites, including, provide the opportunity for companies to reply directly to submitted reviews.

7/20/15: Valuable Tips for Gaining More Customers, Sales

 The following article was provided courtesy of the United Motorcoach Association‘s bi-weekly trade publication Bus and Motorcoach NEWS. This industry bible is filled with timely legislative, regulatory, and industry news. BMN is a value product included with UMA membership.

7/7/2015: Sincerely Your Transportation Company

Email Signatures Connect Customers Charter-seeking customers contact bus operators listed on via phone, email, website and form-submitted itinerary.

6/9/15: Rent a Motorcoach for a Casino Escape and Win Big
Ante up and rent a charter bus for a group travel casino run! When you're riding in a coach rental, you can visit multiple casinos for entertainment, food and drink. Join us as we take a look as casinos in the west, midwest and east of the United States.

6/2/15: How Environmentally-Friendly is Riding by Motor Coach?
Buses are big; how do they affect the environment? Find out just how "Green" these coach companies are in this article and discover the impact you make when choosing to travel by bus.

5/26/15: Convention Transportation & Top Destinations
Find out important details about scheduling transportation at conferences, conventions and trade shows. Also take a look at current trends for planning future shows as the list of the top ten most popular convention destinations are revealed.

5/19/15: Atlanta Attractions to Visit
Millions pass through the Atlanta International Airport, but miss all of the area attractions the city has to offer. Rent a motorcoach and tour some of the best sites for group travel. Take a look at our picks for best travel spots in this article.

5/12/15: Top 10 Things to Pack for Group Travel
Aside from the essentials, take a look at our list for the top 10 things you might not have thought to pack, but wished you did during the course of your trip. Go fully prepared for your next group excursion with this list.

5/5/15: Going Wild: Top Outdoorsy Travel Ideas
Enjoy the great outdoors and take your group to any one of the beautiful national parks across the country. We list our favorite activities to bring the group together. Awaken the inner beast and go wild with these outdoorsy travel ideas.

4/28/15: Bus Company Safety: No Joking Matter
What matters most when renting a charter bus? Safety! Take a look at this overview of identifying safe operators on, with additional information for those looking to find out why bus travel is one of the safest forms of transportation.


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