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Midpark Transportation

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MT. Rainer, Maryland 20712
(866) 643-7275 member since 6/2/2014
Midpark  Transportation
  • Terrible Experience

    We had a terrible experience with MidPark. We used MidPark on August 14, 2015 for transportation to and from our rehearsal dinner location. We were supposed to be picked up at the hotel and the bus showed up over an hour late to pick up the bride and groom and 50 of our guests. We had already pre-paid to rent out the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner because we had such a large group. MidPark not only cost us the $1,500 per hour to rent out the restaurant but they also refused to refund us for the hour that they were late. It took me over a month after the wedding to get in touch with Brian, and when I did, he refused to compensate us for anything (see notes below for additional info). After our discussion, I placed numerous phone calls and emails trying to get in touch with Brian and he refused to email or call me back. They say “100% customer satisfaction guaranteed” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Brian and his team are well aware of my dissatisfaction and have refused to work with us or even reply to any emails or calls. In addition, when the bus driver arrived an hour late he said he had gotten lost. He was very apologetic and said that his Garmin took him in the wrong direction. When I talked to Brian he claimed it was “traffic” that was the reason they were late. Every single one of the 50 guests who were coming from the Baltimore/DC area were on time. So either Brian lied to me claiming that it was traffic, or the bus driver lied to me claiming he got lost. Brian claimed he had a copy of the buses GPS to show that they hit “traffic” and didn’t actually get lost, and when I requested to see it he refused to send it to me. I’m assuming Brian is claiming it was traffic because in the contract it states MidPark is not responsible if traffic is bad. As stated above, 50 guests were able to make it on time, so I refuse to believe it was “traffic.”

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    August 2015
    October 17, 2015 at 10:39 AM

    Company Responses:

    We strive our best to please every customer, however some things are outside of our control. Customer called 3 hours before a wedding to change the pickup address for an event that was 2 hours away. We told him then that the driver would do their best however we promised nothing as the new address was outside the original address by 45 minutes. The driver may have gotten lost as he could not adequately prepare for the address change while en route. Sadly he did arrive late as customer stated however he would have been on time if not for the changes. We resolved to forward the customer a partial refund.