BusRates.com Has Zero Tolerance for Fake Reviews!

For Bus Companies and Service Providers:

Biased activity on BusRates.com by owners, employees, or third-party vendors hired on behalf of the property is subject to severe and long-lasting penalties. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to write your own reviews.

To reply to reviews posted about your company, please access the Customer Review section in the My Account area.   

For our members:

BusRates.com takes review fraud very seriously. We dedicate significant time and resources ensuring that the content on BusRates.com reflects the real experiences from your past customers and guests. If we determine that there are fraudulent reviews submitted for a property, there are several consequences:

  • We remove the review from our site.
  • The property will no longer be eligible for inclusion in BusRates.com’s Top 10 lists, press releases, etc.
  • A large red penalty notice, explaining that the property’s reviews are suspicious may appear on the listing page.

Reviews appearing on our site must adhere to our submission guidelines