Who We Are and What We Do

BusRates.com: Save Money, Save Time… Go Direct!

We are a directory of contact information for bus operators and group travel providers across the United States and Canada. Use the BusRates directory to plan your group travel easily.

When you contact companies directly, you are able to “skip the middleman” and avoid the price markup that a national broker or travel agent would tack onto your rate. The BusRates directory allows you to do that saving you time and save money! That’s the BusRates advantage.

The BusRates directory has broken down each company listed on it into the following consistent data points so that you can more easily find the company that best fits your needs.

Company profiles on BusRates contain:

General Rates • List of Amenities • Custom Quotes • Specifications • Inventory • Website Addresses • Telephone Numbers • Email Addresses • Company Descriptions • Customer Reviews

To find bus operators, hotels, attractions, events, or restaurants in your area, begin a search on our homepage.

What’s Inside the BusRates.com Directory?

BusRates is a resource designed for anyone who needs a charter bus—even if you’re a first time group travel planner, or an experienced group leader or travel professional. Pick a vehicle type, plan your trip, and you’ll be put in direct contact with vendors who want your business. BusRates takes the most important aspects of chartering group travel, and presents it in an organized,
consistent, easy-to- use tool.

Whether you’re looking for a charter bus, limousine, tour bus, trolley, or some other form of group transportation, BusRates has you covered. BusRates is the most current, complete, and categorized database of group transportation companies available anywhere, period. The BusRates database is updated daily with accurate consistent information about the companies on it, so you can rest assured that the company listed is the one you’ll get.

Start your search by entering the city, state, or zip code you’ll be departing from, and we’ll provide you with a list of companies that will fit your group’s needs.

Then if necessary you can refine your search by vehicle type, amenities like restroom, WiFi, power outlets for mobile devices, or wheelchair accessibility to ensure that you get a vehicle that meets your needs.

BusRates has a range of bus types to suite your group’s needs:

Charter Buses • Deluxe Motor Coaches • Minibuses • School Buses • Entertainer Coaches • Sleeper Coaches • Tour Buses • Executive Coaches • Day Coaches • Limo Buses • Party Buses • Trolleys • Double-Decker Buses •
Vans • Limos / Sedans

What BusRates Does Not Include:

Brokers or middlemen
Fixed route/single passenger tickets
Public transportation
Unauthorized / uninsured companies

Our History

Launched in 2004, BusRates is owned and operated by the United
Motorcoach Association (UMA). UMA is a non-profit organization which
aims to serve and protect the interests of the private motorcoach
industry. BusRates furthers UMA’s mission by providing a free, easy
to use charter bus information service to consumers and a direct
lead generation tool for group transportation companies.

The BusRates directory started with a rough list of over 10,000 bus
companies across the US. In the process of vetting the companies, we
discovered that less than half of the 10,000 companies were actual
bus companies! We were shocked, but we didn’t stop there.

We verified the company info to make sure that all the companies
listed on BusRates were currently in business, met the $5 million
Federally mandated insurance minimum, and we’re authorized to carry
passengers by the DoT (Department of Transportation.

In the process, we collected company fleet info, verified contact
information, added social media URLs, and confirmed associations with
industry and consumer groups. This “vetting” process of the
companies on BusRates will enabling you to quickly and confidently
decide what companies in your area are best for your groups needs,
saving you time and money. By putting you in direct contact with
bus-owning companies, we also give you piece of mind that you can
confidently move forward with the companies you’ve chosen to serve
your needs.

BusRates Team:

Dale McMichael – Owner, Executive Coach & Board Member, UMA

David Moody – Immediate Past Chairman, UMA &

 President,  Holiday Companies

Jeff Polzien – Owner, Pacific Monarch Ltd

Scott Michael – President/CEO, UMA

Ken Presley – Chief Operating Officer, UMA

Roxana Melgar – General Manager, BusRates.com

Jun Wang – COO UBT

Where We Are

BusRates.com, Inc.
2034 Eisenhower Ave, Ste 247 Alexandria VA 22314

Mailing Address for BusRates.com, Inc.
2034 Eisenhower Ave, Ste 247 Alexandria VA 22314

Ph: 866-375-0800
Ph: 703-838-2955
Fax: 703-563-0533

Our Objectives:

  • Provide buyers with everything they need to know to charter a bus for their group.
  • To make it quick and easy for buyers to find a company that is perfect for their groups needs.
  • To provide local charter bus companies and tour and travel providers with a cost effective way to reach buyers who want their services.
  • To put more people on buses!

Our Misson:

  • To make customers aware that not all bus companies own buses;
    provide them with a consistent detailed database of bus companies in the US and Canada that do; and show them how to verify ownership, insurance, and operating authority.
  • To enable group travel leaders how to confidently, efficiently, and effortlessly contact bus operators.

Customer Service

Are you trying to plan a group event or outing? Are you Looking to charter a bus?

Then you’re at the right place, just enter your city, state or zip into the search box on the home page to find detailed information for participating bus companies in your area.

BusRates has always been a free, searchable directory of bus companies across the US and Canada that allows you to find, research, and directly
contact bus companies in your neighborhood quickly and easily.

To see the information about these companies, perform a search
on our Home Page and you’ll be served relevant local company
profiles. phone numbers, website URLs, and email addresses which you
can then send request for quotations (RFQ) to or contact them
directly (remember to tell them you found them on BusRates) so that
they can provide you with rates and availability.

The BusRates.com staff is glad to help you search our directory and find local operators in your area, but we are unable to personally provide pricing or vehicle availability on behalf of the companies listed in the directory.

If you have a question or concern about our directory, please
contact us at:

Ph: 866-375-0800
Ph: 703-838-2955
Fax: 703-563-0533
Email: info@busrates.com

How Does BusRates.com Work?

BusRates works like a souped-up yellow page directory for the motorcoach industry:

  • It’s been providing this information for over 14 years
  • It is free to search and use
  • It only lists companies that own their buses to help you bypass the markup of a middleman
  • It provides phone, email and website for direct contact
  • It features nearly 1,000 listings of bus companies across North America
  • It features links to view a company’s DOT registration information (FMCSA SAFER Company Snapshot)
  • It features customer reviews and ratings that are updated daily to help you research a company

BusRates strives to be the most current, complete, and categorized database of bus-owning companies in the US and Canada. No other site has:

    • Information that is posted by bus owners about their fleet to help ensure accuracy and completeness
    • An impartial database maintained by the United Motorcoach Association
    • The reputation of being the only resource on the web designed to help both professional and non-professional group planners find travel resources
    • The most complete list of vehicle types in your immediate area that you can choose from:
Charter Buses • Deluxe Motor Coaches • Minibuses • School Buses • Entertainer Coaches • Executive Coaches • Limo Buses • Trolleys • Double-Decker Buses • Vans

Benefits of Using BusRates.com

Finding the right company to rent a bus from can be a challenge. We’ve streamlined the process so you can find specific information about bus companies in your area, and get quotes from all of them. Our goal is to help you get more out of your bus charter experience with less work.

So whether you need a charter bus rental for an airport transfer, local shuttling, bus tour, company outing, wedding, birthday party, bachelor/ bachelorette party, corporate event, athletic team, family reunion, school event, sightseeing, extended trip, or any other group bus charter service or ground transportation, we’re your resource for finding the right tour bus for it.

Save time by viewing:

  • Bus Types of Local Fleets
  • Bus Specifications
  • Amenities

Save money by:

  • Finding the bus that best suits your needs
  • Increasing your awareness of rates & terms
  • Booking directly with bus-owning companies

Are You a Service Provider?

If you are a bus owner/operator and want to list your company on BusRates to supercharge your sales, or if you are already a member and have any questions or require assistance regarding your posting, please contact us at:

Ph: 866-375-0800
Ph: 703-838-2955
Fax: 703-563-0533