Party Bus Rentals

Party Bus Rentals

There are few words on the internet that are more confusing than “party bus.” For some, it is what they know as a motorcoach. For others, it means a bus with the interior of a limo. In the bus industry, however, a party bus represents a coach or bus that has been designed to look like a limo on the inside. 

If you are looking for other types of transportation, see our definitions of a minibus or charter bus by clicking the links. Party buses can be a great time for groups of 25 or less and are often used for a night out on the town, corporate parties, concerts and sporting events. They are ideal any time your group is consuming alcoholic beverages and you want to avoid the liability of persons in your group getting home safely and avoid a DUI/DWI. These coaches or buses are not typically used for sightseeing or long tours.

Generally, party buses rated for a capacity of 15 passengers (including the driver) or less must have insurance levels of $1.5 million when registered with the USDOT and offer interstate travel.

Party buses rated for a capacity of more than 15 passengers (including the driver) must have insurance levels of $5 million when registered with the USDOT and offer interstate travel

Other names a party bus may be known as-

Limo BusParty CoachBachelor Bus Bachelorette Bus

party bus rentals

Things to know before booking a Party Bus

As mentioned above, the term "party bus" can mean different things to different people. Before you decide to charter a party bus for your next night out, make sure you know exactly what you're looking for and whether a party bus is the best fit to meet your needs.

Here are some important things to know before you book your party bus:

Most party buses seat 12-25 guestsInterior configurations vary significantly, so you should ask your operator for pictures before you book.If you plan on drinking on the bus, ask the company about local laws, permitting and company policies Look carefully at reviews for companies that offer this service to see what other buyers thought about their experience It is considered customary to tip the driver or add a gratuity to the bill

Because of their inherent nature as places to let loose, party buses are getting more and more difficult to insure. We encourage you to ask your local operator for proof of insurance before booking your party bus.

Common Amenities on a Party Bus

Party buses are high-end vehicles packed with amenities intended to help you have a good time. These buses often feature limo-style interiors with horseshoe-shaped seating that optimizes your opportunities for socialization, fun lighting, powerful sound systems and a party atmosphere. Other common features include:

  • Restrooms |Rare
  • AC| Almost Always
  • WiFi |Often
  • Screens/DVD |Often
  • PA Systems| Often
  • In-Seat Power Outlets| Very Rare
  • Airline Grade Entertainmen |tRare
  • Wheelchair Accessibility |Rare

Features and amenities can vary significantly from one bus to the next, so be sure to ask your operator for pictures and details about your party bus before committing to the rental. Adding amenities may not increase your party bus rental prices, but it may limit the number of buses that meet your needs.

If you have specific amenities in mind for your party charter, you can narrow your search by using the filters on our site.


Things that make Limo Buses Great

Have Fun!

The perfect “night out” experience

They're Great!

All the benefits of a limo, for larger groups

They're Safe!

Leave the driving to the professional driver, enjoy yourself

They're Glamorous!

Luxurious interiors