Double Decker Bus Rentals

Double-Decker Bus Rentals

If you have ever traveled, chances are you have seen double-decker buses running tours, running over the road, or picking people up in big metro cities. These buses are a very specific type of transportation and are increasingly available in the U.S. charter market.

With seating configurations featuring either enclosed or open upper decks and seating accommodations up to 81 passengers, these are the jumbo jets of the open road and are perfect for large groups wanting to stick together.

Other names a Double Decker Bus may be known as-

Tall busTwo Story BusNight Bus (Hello, Harry Potter Fans)Double Deckers

doubledecker bus rentals

Things to Know Before You Charter a Double-Decker Bus

Like any other part of your trip, the key to having the best possible transportation is determining what you need to make your trip a success. For larger groups, you'll need a mode of transportation that can get everyone to their destination together safely.

Coordinating multiple motorcoaches to transport everyone can be a hassle. With double-decker buses, you'll have plenty of space for everyone in your group. Consider the following before you book your double-decker bus:

There are two main configurations, sightseeing, and over-the-road travel.Double-decker buses are available in both open-top configurations and closed tops.The average model commonly seats between 50 and 81 passengers.Double deckers are usually available in large metropolitan markets.Luggage storage is usually limited.

Common Amenities on a Double-Decker Bus

Most double-decker buses feature comfortable seats and plenty of legroom for your group members. Though the specific amenities will vary for each bus, you can expect to see the following options on most listings:

  • Restrooms  | Often
  • AC  | Often
  • WiFi  | Often
  • Screens/DVD  | Often
  • PA Systems  | Almost Always
  • In-Seat Power Outlets  Often
  • Airline Grade Entertainment  | Often
  • Wheelchair Accessibility  | Almost Always

While we work hard to ensure our listings are accurate, we always encourage you to ask your operator for specifics and pictures of the double-decker you'd like to rent. Doing so ensures it has everything you need to make your trip run smoothly.


Things that make Double Decker Buses Great

For Large Groups!

Nothing on the road seats more people.

Have Fun!

Open top configurations make sightseeing really fun.

They're Great!

The perfect companion to do sightseeing with a tour guide.