School Bus Rentals

It is hard to mistake a school bus for anything else! They take us back to our days in grade school and are every bit as functional now as they were then. School bus charters offer customers the ability to provide a low-cost group transportation option over short distances. 

Though we usually associate them with transporting kids to and from school, school buses are extremely versatile vehicles that can transport people of all ages to many locations. School buses are often a great solution for shuttles where moving a lot of people from one area to another on a budget is necessary. The companies listed on BusRates are companies that do private charters/rentals to individuals wanting to rent a school bus.

school bus rental

Things to Know Before You Charter a School Bus

School buses are great options for short and sweet transportation for larger groups. These no-frills vehicles are not designed for long-range comfort or over-the-road trips, but they serve as an efficient, affordable option for shuttling or traveling locally.

Our school bus listings feature buses in a range of different sizes to accommodate whatever size group of passengers you need to transport. While the details for each vehicle will vary by model and operator, you can expect to see the following features from each option:

  • Seating range: 10-60 people
  • Ideal for short distances
  • Luggage/equipment storage is very limited.

While we do our best to ensure all of our listings are accurate and complete, we encourage you to check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Safer System for company standing before booking your rental school bus.


Common Amenities on a School Bus

As we mentioned above, school buses are affordable and practical alternatives to other, more expensive and luxurious charters. They lack many bells and whistles, but when you travel over short distances, those amenities often become superfluous expenses you don't get to use anyway.

Instead, school buses offer comfortable, cushioned bench seats and tons of charm sure to bring joy to your group members. Here's a quick overview of the amenities you can expect to find on your school bus:

  • Restrooms | RareRare
  • ACOften
  • WiFiRare
  • Screens/DVDRare
  • PA SystemsRare
  • In-Seat Power OutletsRare
  • Airline Grade EntertainmentRare
  • Wheelchair AccessibleOften

If you know that you'll need a school bus with particular amenities, you can narrow your BusRates search using our filters. When you do, you'll see only listings for buses that meet your exact needs, so you can more efficiently find the perfect option.

Things that make School Buses Great


They're Economic!

A budget friendly group transportation option

More Local

Great for short distances

They're Sensual!

Nostalgia for days

They're Commonly Used!

Fun options for groups of all ages

They're Flexible!

Available in short and long bus configurations