BusRates.com Testimonials

Over the 20 years that BusRates has been in operation we’ve had millions of searches, 100,000 of quotes sent out, and 1,000’s of happy users who have told us how much they enjoyed their trip that they set up through software.

Here are just a few of them:

“I love your website and use it all the time. I have recommended your site to several travel professionals who also use the site all the time.”  

Whitney Fox, KSA Events

“I was responsible for getting quotes and your one-stop-shopping site really saved me a lot of time… I wish more websites such as yours would be around to save people time for group travel planning!”  

Laure, Baltimore, MD

“I have used your site with our organization for several events over this past year.”

Connor Alfred, YMCA

“Love your website – we use it a lot for planning group tours!”  

Carrie, Vancouver, BC

“Your service is great, I appreciate having one site that does
all the research for me.”

Kristin, Chicago, IL

“I really like the way your service worked. It cut out the cold calling to each individual company. It also cut out looking for the information. It was a great tool.”

Officer Darlene C, Philadelphia Police Department

“A list of bus companies with phone numbers, emails and information was provided through BusRates.com. It was very helpful in contacting bus companies when planning my trip. Saved me lots of time.”  

Dana H, Quilting Group, IA

“I love this website. It always gets me better prices and it’s very easy.”  

J. “Abe”, Woodridge, NY

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