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Bus Rentals in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the world, with tourists flocking from across the planet to take on the city. Avoid the crowded public transit stations on your next trip by renting a bus to take you and your group exactly where you want to be.

With BusRates, finding a rental bus for your next trip to Orlando, Florida, has never been easier.



Bus Types

In the BusRates directory, you'll find listings for various charter buses in Orlando, Florida, including types like motorcoaches, school buses, minibuses, sprinter vans and limos. The best type of bus for your trip will have the capacity to transport your group members and the amenities you need to be comfortable. 

Check out our online resources to learn more about each bus type and which suits your trip.


As mentioned above, the ideal bus for your trip should have all the amenities you need to keep your group comfortable. While each vehicle is different, common amenities include air conditioning, luggage storage space, accessibility features and entertainment systems.
View the listings for any bus you're considering renting to find out more about its included amenities.

Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

EOrlando, Florida, is known as the Theme Park Capital of the World because it's home to some of the world's largest theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, Legoland and Fun Spot America. Beyond these major attractions, visitors can enjoy the world-renowned party scene by night or, by day, take in the unique natural beauty of Orlando's wetlands, an ecological habitat that's not found anywhere else in the world.

City Data

The city of Orlando, nicknamed "the City Beautiful," sits at the heart of the Orlando Metropolitan Area. This popular destination is Florida's largest inland city, with a population of more than 300,000 residents and millions of visitors every year.

BusRates can help you find local operators and the perfect charter bus rental in Orlando, Florida, and Orange County, including service to 57 zip codes in more than 120 local neighborhoods.

Charter a Bus in Orlando, Florida, With BusRates

Start planning your next trip to the Sunshine State with help from our team at BusRates. Browse our extensive directory of local operators in Orlando to request quotes directly through our listings.