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Entertainer Coach

They are called entertainer coaches because these are the coaches that most often move your favorite performers. From Willy Nelson to Billie Eilish, these are the go-to for your favorite performers. From the outside, they may look like buses or motorcoaches, but on the inside, they are designed to offer many of the comforts of home. See the below video for a sneak peek inside Kane Brown’s tour bus.

Other names an Entertainer Coach may be known as- 

Sleeper Coach/Tour Bus/Artist Bus/Music Bus/Entertainer Bus/Band Bus/Athletic Coach/Executive Coach

Sleeper CoachTour BusArtist BusMusic BusEntertainer BusBand Bus


Things to Know Before You Charter a Tour Bus

Traveling in a luxurious tour bus is a unique experience and an ideal solution for anyone traveling over the road for extended periods. Since these buses are specially equipped to provide multi-day comfort on long journeys, most companies that rent them do so on long-term contracts. Many companies will charter or rent for a day.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you book an entertainer coach for your next trip:

  • Accommodations and features will differ significantly, make sure to see the coach before signing a contract.
  • Often includes sleeping accommodations with either one bed for a single entertainer or a configuration of up to 8 or more bunks.
  • Always ask for insurance information before booking.
  • If you need other parties listed as additionally insured, tell the company before signing a contract.

Though we work hard to keep our listings updated, we encourage you to check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Safer System for company standing before booking with any operator. 

Common Amenities on a Tour Bus

Because tour buses are designed to serve as your home out on the road, these vehicles are packed to the brim with amenities. When you're traveling for days at a time and spending long periods on your bus, you want every luxury you can get to make the journey more comfortable.

Most tour buses feature bunks or beds where you can relax or catch some sleep overnight and lounge areas where you can hang out during the day. While the details for each bus will vary, you can expect the following amenities from a tour bus charter:

  • Restrooms  | Always
  • AC  | Always
  • WiFi  | Almost Always
  • Screens/DVD  | Almost Always
  • PA Systems  | Often
  • In-Seat Power Outlets  | Almost Always
  • Airline Grade Entertainment  | Almost Always
  • Wheelchair Accessible  | Rare

We encourage you to ask your operators questions and request photos of your bus so you know you're getting what you need to make your trip a success.


Things that make Entertainer Coaches Great

They're Homelike!

A true home away from home

They're Great!

Comfort to the extreme

They're Companions!

Built for long stays on the road

They're Reliable!

Designed to sleep in