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4 Ways to Make Planning a Group Getaway Itinerary Easier

A well-planned group getaway itinerary ensures that you get the most out of your trip.

However, making that group getaway itinerary can be challenging. Here are four tips you can use to make your trip planning sessions simpler.

 1. Gather Your Paperwork

Start your group getaway planning process by gathering some vital information. This will give you everything you need when it’s time to start booking.

  • Make a checklist that includes every step you need to complete. Assign dates to time-sensitive tasks.
  • Have each traveler fill out a form that includes their name, contact information, and personal preferences.
  • Find a travel itinerary template or make your own. Use Excel to make your file easily shareable with the group.

2. Buy Vacation Packages

Vacation bundles that include your airfare, hotel, and rental vehicles are a great way to save time and possibly reduce your total bill. While online booking sites are convenient, they do have some drawbacks.

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  • You may not be able to get exactly what you want. To keep the prices competitive, booking sites don’t always offer the best options.
  • You might actually pay more. Since the booking site has to get a cut of the profit, you might be able to get a better deal by working with the airline, hotel, or rental agency.
  • You sacrifice flexibility. Many sites will limit your ability to reschedule, cancel, or otherwise change your plans once payment is received.
  • Watch for extra fees. Monuments, museums, and other tourist attractions that charge admission may not be included in your package.

3. Keep Accurate Records

Tracking payments, travel times, and personalities is a struggle for even the most organized individual. However, accurate records are essential to a smooth experience.

  • Use an accordion folder to store checklists, receipts, and brochures. Include a copy of online purchase receipts.
  • More technical planners can use a scanner to make digital copies of files that are easy to store and reference when needed.
  • Create a map or spreadsheet of your trip that includes each planned activity to avoid overscheduling and other conflicts.
  • Even if you do have a digital backup, keep a hard copy of vital data like flight times, addresses, and reservation numbers.

4. Get Professional Help

Professional travel agents are the simplest way to make sure you have the best possible vacation for several reasons.

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  • Experienced agents have connections with service providers at a number of travel destinations that allow them to get you exactly what you want at the best price available.
  • Using a travel agent protects your group from shady businesses.
  • Thorough agents can make suggestions that enhance your established plans.

Instead of spending hours researching and calling, your agent will attend to all the details. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Follow these tips to reduce the challenges of planning your group’s travel itinerary.

Meta Description: Planning a group getaway? Use these 4 tips to make your travel itinerary planning smooth, simple, and stress-free.

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