A perfect 6 step itinerary

6 Tips for Creating a Winning Itinerary for Your Next Group Trip

Whether you’re chaperoning a group of high school seniors on an overnight field trip or gathering with extended family for a winter vacation, your itinerary is the key to a successful event. Use these tips to ensure everyone enjoys your next group trip.

Give Your Group a Uniform Look

Encourage group members to wear similar outfits to large events. This will help members easily identify each other in crowds. There are a few ways to achieve an attention-grabbing look.

  • Customized t-shirts
  • Clothing that shares a single, bright color
  • Hats or headgear

Choose a style that is comfortable and flexible for everyone.

Rent a Charter Bus

Renting a bus for your group excursion is the perfect way to get everyone to your destination. Bus rental offers some key advantages to group travel planners.

  • Reduce travel costs for each individual.
  • Ensure everyone arrives on-time.
  • Added amenities like a beverage bar or bathroom make travel more comfortable.

Bus travel also gives group members more time to enjoy each other’s’ company.

Create Variety

Make room for variety in the schedule so everyone can explore their own interests.

  • Pick dining locations with several options.
  • Leave free time for members to discover their own entertainment.
  • Include group activities that appeal to the different ages and hobbies in your group.

Personal experience makes travel more fulfilling.

Get Group Input

Talk to your group members during the planning stage to get some ideas. Send out surveys that ask for suggestions to each traveler for:

  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Historical monuments
  • Points of interest

Make sure to include the most popular choices in your schedule.

Use Social Media

Create a social media page for your group trip to enhance every stage of your excursion.

  • Before the trip, use the page to gather ideas, distribute information, and keep everyone excited.
  • During the trip, members can communicate via the page while they’re out and about.
  • After the trip, the pictures and posts become a source of memories about the great times.

Designate another travel member as admin to keep the page relevant and appropriate.

Clear Up Money Matters

Don’t let budget issues threaten your group fun. Make sure everyone gets the most out of the trip with good money management practices.

  • Set dates for firm dates for delivery of deposits and other payments. Write them down and let participants know they will be dropped if timely payment is not received.
  • Let travelers know about any cancellation fees or penalties that may apply before accepting funds.
  • Create a list that gives travelers a rough idea of how much money they will need to bring for meals, entry fees, and other travel costs that are not included in their trip costs.

Work out the financial details early in your planning process to avoid unnecessary snags in your travel plans.

These six tips guarantee you’ll create an itinerary that satisfies every member of your group.

Create the perfect itinerary for your next group trip with these six simple planning tips.

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