Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip

A Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip

Planning a youth team trip can be a long, exhausting process. Between finding the right things to do to finding the right bus or coach for traveling, it can become overwhelming. Planning the team trip does not have to drive you crazy, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Plan ahead. You don’t want to be rushing to plan your youth team trip. The team could miss out on deals and tickets for fun things to do while on the trip. Do some research well in advance to find the best time of year to travel to your destination. Some companies will even have specials that can save a lot of money, but you have to research for a deal a while before the team would leave.

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Don’t fret. If you are planning a team trip, you can count on something going wrong. It’s not your fault; it happens on every trip. Instead of panicking when it happens and causing the other travelers also to panic, try to stay as calm as you can and roll with the punches. You can only plan so much, the best way to handle a stressful situation is to just go with the flow and fix things as they come up. No one wants to be stuck far away from home with a team leader that is spazzing about everything.

Think before you do. Before you spend any money on an activity for the team trips, think about whether or not the group would have fun doing the activity. Little children would have a hard time spending the day museum hopping or needing to walk too far. Make sure the activity is related to the main goal of the trip. You would not want to do a historical tour of a city while on a team trip for a sports team.

Find the best transportation. No one wants to travel for hours in an uncomfortable seat. It will start the trip on the wrong foot, leaving everyone grouchy. If the trip is a day’s drive away don’t choose a small bus, get one with comfortable legroom and reclining options. Playing movies is also a great way to entertain everyone on a long ride.

Bond as a team. Be sure to find activities so that the team trip can be full of bonding. You don’t want to leave without having made a deeper connection with the group. Exploring new things as a team has a way of bringing people together. You could set up little challenges throughout the whole trip. Maybe have them answer a riddle they could solve after being on the trip or have them work as a team on a ropes course.

Now that you know what steps to take for a fun team trip, start booking yours today!

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