BusRates Young Life Portal

I’m delighted to announce that UMA has been working with the Young Life organization so that their travel planners can use UMA’s BusRates website to more efficiently handle their bus and Motorcoach transportation needs.

To aid in this effort it was decided that a portal was needed, a portal is a specially designed website that serves as a single point of access for information and services to a business or group.

In case you’re not familiar with Young Life, it is a Christian ministry that reaches out to middle school, high school and college-aged kids in all 50 States, as well as more than 90 countries around the world.  Annually, Young Life moves over 250,000 kids and young adults to camps, events, and meetings around the US and Canada. Starting with this agreement, their travel planners will have the ability to work through the specially designed portal that will allow them to quickly, reliably, and consistently find bus charters. This portal will only be available to Young Life volunteers and staff members starting November 18th and will be maintained and upgraded throughout the coming months and years.

To be included in the portal you must be a UMA member in good standing, you must also be a BusRates subscriber, and have a 3-star rating or better on your Bus BusRates listing. And, don’t worry if you’re new to BusRates, and/or don’t have a rating, you’ll still be eligible to participate in this extraordinary member benefit. To help pay for the development and management of this service, BusRates will charge a $120 annual fee to all companies appearing in the portal.

Once those criteria have been achieved, a company will find itself on the site and eligible to bid on Young Life business that comes its way. Additionally, Young Life will be offering a Preferred Provider status to companies on the portal, more to come on this as it develops.

If you’re not a BusRates subscriber but want to be able to take advantage of this new exciting opportunity contact:

Sean McVay at: Sean.McVay@busrates.com
Omar Kamara at: ibrahim.kamara@busrates.com

We look forward to this new relationship and we’re excited to bring it to our membership.