BusRates.com Implements All-Encompassing Website

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — BusRates.com launched a much expanded and revamped website last month.

Working with NTA and the United Motorcoach Association, the site has been expanded to include a wider spectrum of the group travel market, offering listings for hotels, restaurants, attractions, events and other group activities. (See April 15 Bus & Motorcoach News.)

Until now, the site has been a directory solely of bus and motorcoach companies used by group travel planners and individuals looking to charter a bus.

Launched six years ago, the site has become an overwhelming success, drawing visits by more than 100,000 group travel planners monthly.

With the addition of travel industry supplier listings, the site has increased from 1,000 listings to more than 7,500, making it a more comprehensive resource aimed at making planning for a motorcoach trip easier and less time consuming.

“We are excited to be providing a straightforward, all-encompassing process for group planners and tour operators to find new group destinations for their travelers,” said Eric Elliott, program manager for BusRates.com.

“When our customers started looking for the group contacts for hotels, restaurants, attractions, and the like, we knew a change was needed and began to work with our partners at NTA to make BusRates.com a more full-service resource.”

In addition to expanding its reach, the site has also gone through a redesign to improve operability for both users and subscribers.

Expanded maps and featured content on the site help users learn about the options for a given destination, and listed companies now have the ability to post more images, brochures and social media links to enhance their listing.

“These enhancements improve the user’s experience by allowing them to more easily find the bus company and other travel suppliers with whom they want to do business,” said Elliott.

“They can now see more detailed search results, photos and see other customers’ reviews to quickly and easily make an informed decision when booking their group travel.”

To learn more and find your local charter bus rental operator, visit  www.BusRates.com.