Charter Bus Transportation for Church Groups

Motorcoach transportation is a de facto el primo choice for moving groups of people from Point A to Point B and back, safely, efficiently and affordable. Everyone can ride a motorcoach, but there are certain groups that find the advantages of transportation by charter bus to be essential in more ways than simple logistics.

One of the largest segments of motorcoach ridership is passengers and planners in church groups. If you’re a member at a church where a charter bus can come in handy for community outreach, mission trips, gospel concerts or any of the other numerous needs a congregation has for hitting the road, you can be sure to find companies that will meet your needs listed within the bus operator directory.

The companies listed in range from large to small businesses comprised of owner/operators who serve essential transportation needs in their local communities. Finding and partnering up with a local bus owner is a great way to build your church outreach. Each operator profile on includes the city and zip code, with additional information accessible adjacent the address via the operator’s United States Department of Transportation number.

Whether you’re looking for a minibus to send your flock on a youth retreat or a deluxe motorcoach for an out-of-state mission trip, you can use our charter bus directory to find the best bus operator match for your congregation.

Don’t forget to browse the restaurant directory if you’re planning a lengthy trip to keep your passengers fueled up with great group dining opportunities. You can also work directly with the bus operator to plan a detailed itinerary should your needs require one.

We’re happy to help local churches across the United States and Canada in finding transportation solutions that help their mission. Click the button below to start planning your trip!