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How Green are Environment Friendly Coach Buses?

Motorcoach travel is no stranger to the environment—in fact; you could say buses are close friends with Mother Nature!

Each coach bus you see on the road has the potential to displace 55 automobiles making them environment friendly coach buses. In addition to reducing congestion, they also take home the gold (or should we say green) when compared with other forms of transportation. They are actually the most environmentally-friendly form; airplanes, trains, and cars just can’t match the low carbon footprint. Efficiency is often measured in passenger miles per gallon, in which coaches are twice as efficient as travel by train, four times as efficient as hopping onto a plane, and seven times more efficient than travel by car. In fact, one gallon of fuel can provide over 200 passenger miles on a coach bus.

You Are Traffic
Bus & Coach Smart Move published this great visualization for motorcoach travel (Image: Bus and Coach Smart Move)

New clean diesel engines and fuel, like bio-diesel or ultra-low sulfur diesel, reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. Coaches are now outfitted with technology that further reduces and clean these emissions to have little or no impact on the environment.

Looking for the right vehicle for your eco freindly tour is easier to find than you might think, click here for a list of the different kinds of buses your group may want to use on your next outing!

In addition to the technology onboard, the responsibility of running environmentally-friendly buses falls on the bus owner/operator. Many coach companies have enacted environmental sustainability measures in all aspects of their business. Drivers help by carrying out anti-idling techniques. Monitoring tire pressure to minimizing fuel consumption or recycling fluids in the maintenance garage. All of these are part of the going green that bus company manage.

That's Why I Ride - Because I Care about My Environment
Not only is travel by motorcoach good for you, it’s also good for the environment! (Image: Bus and Coach Smart Move)

Be sure to look for the Green Coach Certification on bus operator profiles within the BusRates.com directory. There you’ll see which operators are committed to improving their environment and have successfully met parameters for the program.

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