How Group Travel Empowers Youth and How Adults Can Help

Group Travel, empowering? Today’s youth are our future, and as adults, we have to help guide and prepare them for that. One of the best ways to help the newest generation navigate the world is by traveling.

Youth group travel can teach them about the world. Other than group travel opportunities, they may never have the chance to leave their hometown and see the world. Traveling with youth groups can be exhausting, but it does not have to be. Here are five ways group travel empowers youth and how adults can help.

  1. As adults, you’re responsible for the youth during the trip, but that does not mean you have to control everything. They’ll need guidance but put them in charge of navigation and what activities you’ll be doing. Not only will it be less of a headache to plan, but it’ll teach them valuable lessons in leadership and preparing. Divvy out tasks to everyone, so each participant will have the opportunity to learn.
  2. As St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” It is up to adults to show the younger generation the world around them. Being immersed in different cultures changes a person and gives a new perspective. Youth group trips can be just the way to do that. If the kids have never left their hometown chances are they have never experienced anything different, which keeps them in a box. Taking someone who has only ever been in the city to the countryside or vice versa can change their life.
  3. They may never have another opportunity to budget plan. If you put the group in charge of planning fun activities for you to do each day and set a budget for them to follow, it will teach them important financial lessons and maybe even a little haggling. Help them when needed, but try to let them run the show.
  4. Youth group trips may make them more sociable people. Generation Z is the first technology generation, which means all they know is cell phones and the internet. They have to put their phones down to learn about the culture and see all of the new sights. Adults can encourage them to take in every moment, every sight, every sound and every person they encounter.
  5. Adults can regret not traveling when they had the opportunity to. Help your younger loved ones have less regret with youth group trips. Taking kids to see the world while they have fewer responsibilities and the time to do it can change their lives. It will not only make them more knowledgeable and well- rounded individuals, seeing all of the amazing places in the world around them will eliminate any chance of regret.

Now that you know how important youth group trips are, have that group start booking the bus trip today!

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