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How To Book Group Travel Like a Boss

Whether you’re in charge of booking travel and accommodations for your upcoming family reunion or for your competitive soccer league, you’re going to have a lot of details to hash out. Luckily, we have four easy tips to make booking group travel a breeze.

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Choose a Coach: Does the idea of keeping track of a million different tickets and itineraries make you ill? If so, book a charter bus! With a charter bus you can book the same coach for both your long-distance haul and around town engagements. Plus, you don’t have to make sure everyone has their individual tickets. Simply meetup at a specified pickup location and go.

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Compare Rates & Amenities: Comparing rates has never been easier than it is today and with you can do it for free. Book affordable travel accommodations and compare companies in a snap with our awesome, free database.

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Get Group Discounts: Many places offer group discounts when you book ahead of time. Whether you are booking hotel rooms or a bowling alley, large groups often get great deals. Make the most of your time in a new city by planning ahead and taking advantage of group discounts.

planning group trip

Book a Block: Are you staying at a hotel? If so, call ahead and see if they can set aside a block of rooms for your group so you’ll all be in the same area. This will make it much easier to keep track of your crew and enjoy one another’s company.

Though booking group travel seems like a monumental task, today’s technology makes it pretty simple. Use our tips today and see how easy it can be to get your group on the road!