How to Plan a Company Golf Outing

How to Plan a Company Golf Outing

A company golf outing offers a way for everyone to have fun with some friendly competition. Your employees can make memories while networking, raising funds, celebrating a milestone or enjoying a holiday. Follow these steps to organize your tournament!

1. Determine the Budget

Consider why you want to organize a golf tournament. Who will attend the gathering? What type of food, drinks and entertainment will your guests enjoy? Brainstorm event details and draft a budget for associated costs. Reach out to potential sponsors who may want to fund the occasion.

2. Select Your Golf Course

Research the best places to golf in your city, state or region. Look at websites, photo galleries, awards and testimonials to evaluate if a location meets your expectations. Book tours of your favorite venues and request estimates, then finalize your choice and make a reservation.

3. Choose the Game Type

Decide what type of golf games and teams you’d like to organize. Keep in mind, the format you should choose depends on the players and their available time. 

Keep experienced golfers happy with a format like shotgun, which allows participants to start from different holes and play simultaneously. Or, accommodate fewer attendees of varying skills with best ball, which lets participants play their own rounds and use the lowest number for team scores.

4. Market Your Golf Event

Send invitations to your guest list. You can also advertise your golf tournament using multiple marketing channels, including social media, radio and television, posters and flyers, signs, banners and billboards. Feel free to create a press release about your event and discuss how any raised funds will be used. 

5. Arrange Food and Drinks

Plan to have plenty of food and drinks for your estimated guest count. Some courses allow barbecues and grill-outs, especially if the money goes toward charity. Explore other options with outside a.

6. Order Your Event Materials

Set up a golf club rental and arrange a deal to get carts. Order customized polos, hats, golf balls, ball markers or divot tools to give to your players as prizes. Arrange live music, photography and alternative activities as needed.

7. Book Transportation and Have a Good Time!

Get everyone to the venue with premier transportation. Charter buses offer a luxurious way to travel in large groups with spacious seating and comfortable amenities. Find the perfect rental motorcoach providers and get a quote using BusRates. 

Our online city directory provides an easy way to connect with local bus companies in advance. Enjoy discounted rates without hidden fees. Have a good time at your event and begin brainstorming your next outing!

Book Transportation and Have a Good Time!