How to Plan a Family Reunion

How to Plan a Family Reunion

Whether you’re planning an event for the first time or honoring a special tradition, reunions allow you to make memories you can cherish. Want to eat good food, participate in fun activities and travel to scenic destinations with your family members? Follow these steps to organize your next adventure together. 

1. Talk With Your Family

Begin planning early to ensure everyone in your family has a clear schedule. Do your relatives want a warm retreat at the beach, a cabin getaway in the mountains or a thrilling hangout in the city? If you repeat the same get-together every year, consider getting creative and switching it up.

2. Choose a Date and Location

Get some input on when and where your reunion should take place. Ask your family to rank their top three choices so you can fairly determine what works best for most relatives. Feel free to create a questionnaire to keep the answers organized. Some surveys allow anonymous answers, which can help everyone feel comfortable.

3. Agree on a Family Reunion Budget

Plan a budget of how much everyone is willing to spend. Look at financial records of how much previous trips and vacations cost to understand what to expect for similar experiences. If you’re planning a formal experience, research family reunion venues, catering and entertainment options in the area you want to visit.

4. Coordinate Fun and Leisure Activities

Organize a wide array of activities people of all ages can enjoy. Do you want to play board games, sing karaoke, have a cookout, go camping, go to the beach or visit a theme park? Pick a mix of thrilling and relaxing options to accommodate various preferences.

5. Invite Your Close and Extended Family

Send physical or virtual invitations to your family as early as possible. Make a guest list and ensure everyone receives an invite so no one is accidentally left out. Feel free to create a private event page on Facebook where people can RSVP, start discussions, make polls, share excitement for the upcoming day and post photos afterward. 

6. Reserve Comfortable Accommodations

Decide if you want to book hotel rooms, a vacation home or lodging. Ensure your option has enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably. Coordinate how to make payments toward a shared total or purchase accommodations separately.

7. Book the Transportation and Have Fun!

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