How to Plan a Wine Tour

How to Plan a Wine Tour

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or want to discover which flavors you love the most, a tour offers an incredible way to make memories with friends and family. Enjoy trying different drinks while surrounded by breathtaking, picturesque vineyards. Follow these tips to plan the adventure of a lifetime!

1. Select the Wine Areas You Want to Visit

Decide which wine region you’d like to visit. Are you planning a wedding party, gals getaway or family vacation? Consider where your guests live and if they want to meet in a central location. There are thousands of popular destinations to choose from. Research blogs, websites, awards and ratings to select your travel spot.

2. Choose the Best Season for the Region

Plan your wine tour when you can generally expect good weather. You don’t want your experience to feel too rainy, hot or cold. Research a region’s average climate so you know what to expect and can dress comfortably for your trip. If you’d like to avoid crowded areas with tourists, consider when peak season happens and schedule your itinerary before or after that time frame.

3. Plan the Wineries You Want to Tour

Select up to two to three wineries you’d like to visit each day. Smaller, family-run wineries often feel welcoming with a warm atmosphere and specialized attention to each guest. Bigger wineries may offer a chance to try famous, internationally known brands in an environment that feels more exclusive. It’s best to choose places aligned with your preferences and book your reservations in advance.

4. Book Your Group Transportation

Have peace of mind when you make your transportation arrangements ahead of time. Explore local motorcoach providers using BusRates. Charter buses offer a premier way to travel to and from each location with comfortable seating and luxurious amenities. You’ll ensure you have a responsible, designated driver so you can enjoy your wine-tasting experiences safely. 

5. Make the Most of Your Trip!

Make memories road-tripping to wineries with your friends and family. Blast some cool air, listen to a music playlist, watch a movie on a mini screen, catch up on some sleep or look out the window at the beautiful scenery. Make a list of landmarks and attractions you’d like to visit on your way to each destination.

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Make the Most of Your Trip!