3 simple steps to planning a great team trip

Organizing Your Next Group Team Trip: 3 Key Considerations

Group team trips take a lot of time to plan. The planners can stress and become overwhelmed if they do not stay organized. Planning ahead, keeping lists, and having a proper budget and sticking to it will keep the process of preparing for a trip smooth. Here are 3 key considerations for organizing your next group team trip.

Plan months ahead. Trips take a lot of time to plan and if you rush last minute you may miss out on deals and activities for the team trip. You should leave enough time to be sure there will be enough spaces for your entire team. Be sure the team would have time to agree on the itinerary. If one person doesn’t like what is on the itinerary, the entire team trip could be ruined. To be sure there are enough hotel rooms be sure to book in months in advance. You should have the team sign up early. You should add a couple spots for last minute stragglers. The stragglers will be so happy to be included, making the trip that much more special for every member.

Big or small, teams require the right vehicle for the journey, here’s a way to make sure you get the right vehicle type.

Keep lists. It takes a lot to plan a team trip so lists will become a necessary part of it. Programs such as Evernote or OneNote are perfect for this. If you are more old school, a notebook specifically designated for the trip will do. Lists will ensure you do not miss anything. Keeping that list connected with your calendar will keep you even more organized. Mark your calendar for when to start each phase of planning the team trip. Staying organized with lists and calendars will keep planning smooth. You can even use lists to delegate tasks if the planning is too large of a task for just one person.

Figure out the budget first. In order to plan the team trip, you need to know the budget. You cannot choose the hotel, bus type, food, or activities until you know how much money you are working with. Keep in mind that some team members may back out last second leaving you will a little less budget so, be sure not to use every cent of the budget or the trip will have to be canceled. If you need all of the budget, you could make the trip nonrefundable. When you choose a budget, be sure everyone involved can afford it. You don’t want to plan an entire trip that would be too expensive and you also don’t want to plan a trip that the group could have paid a little more to do more activities on.

Now that you know the 3 key considerations for planning your next trip, start organizing it today!

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