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Picking the Right Type of Bus for Your Next Group Travel Trip

Your group is ready to travel: You’ve got the dates, the destination, the participants—and now it’s time to choose a vehicle.

When planning a group travel trip, sometimes what may seem like the easiest decision ends up being the most difficult. You never knew there were so many options!

Like any aspect of your trip, getting clear about your needs will be the key to making a decision. And when it comes to picking the right type of bus for your group trip, the more you understand your needs, the better.

The Who, Where, and What of Group Travel

Before you pick your vehicle, it’s helpful to understand the nuts and bolts of your group travel trip. For example, how many people are you going to be transporting? Are they young, adult, or seniors? Are your participants going to be toting equipment?

Each piece of information you have will give you the answers you need to make a choice. Think of it as the who, where, and what of travel.

  • Who is going: Ages and group size
  • Where are you going: What is your destination; is it a long drive or short drive
  • What are you going for: Is it a day trip; a multiday trip; will there be luggage or equipment, special needs; is it sports, a musical group, seniors, etc.

Of course, don’t forget your budget. That will be a determining factor as well.

Once you have a basic list (like 50 seniors on a multiday trip to 4 cities in Florida with a $5000 budget), you can start looking at buses for your group travel needs.

Types of Buses for Group Travel Trips

Big or small, there are plenty of bus choices for your adventure. Here are some of your options:

  • Van – Primarily used for local travel, vans can seat up to 22. There isn’t a bathroom, but you may be able to find one with entertainment options.
  • Double-decker Bus – Like the famous buses in London, these can seat up to 84. Note, however, that you will likely need to be in a metro area and stay local, and will have to go without bathrooms and A/C. The novelty may be worth it though!
  • Party Bus – Heading to an event or several local venues? Is your group 21 and older? A party bus is a fantastic option for a fun day/night out. Party buses typically seat 14-30.
  • School Bus – School buses are the traditional way to go to competitions. They are a basic, yet affordable, and a no-frills way to travel.
  • Charter Bus – A classic for long-range travel for big groups, charter buses are often loaded with comfort and perks. Some include a bathroom, entertainment, or plenty of storage. Charter buses are an excellent choice for adult groups heading to various travel destinations.

There are other types of buses for group travel as well, including mini coaches and trolleys. Gather all your information, and decide what works best for your next trip!

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