Girls Night

Planning a Girls Weekend Out by Bus Charter

Whether your group goal is complete relaxation or wild adventures, a charter bus gives you more ways to enjoy your weekend away with the girls.

Use these tips in your group travel planning sessions to get the most out of your charter bus.

Invest in Extra Amenities

For trips that require a lot of drive time, opt for buses with extra amenities that kick up the fun factor. Look for these features to keep your group entertained and comfortable.

  • Televisions with DVD players let you share music, videos, and movies on long road trips.
  • On-board bathrooms cut down on comfort stops.
  • A built-in bar lets the girls get amped before you reach your chosen venue.

Break Up the Monotony

Don’t force your group through a grueling drive just to save time or money. Take advantage of low-cost bus rates to extend your drive time and explore what lies along the road to your destination.

  • For trips over 12 hours, consider an overnight stay at a central location. Go out for drinks, visit a spa, or spend the night at a luxury hotel eating room service and preparing for the big event.
  • Supplement your drive itinerary with rest stops at historical markers, shopping centers, or other areas that add entertainment value to the trip.
  • Switch seats periodically. Changing the seating arrangements allows group members to intermingle more thoroughly, thus ensuring the conversation never gets stale.

Book Early

Reserve your coach as soon as you possibly can to avoid delays and inconveniences that can compromise your group travel plans. Strive to place your order at least two weeks before your expected travel date. There are several advantages to scheduling your bus rental early.

  • Early booking reduces logistical issues for bus companies, which gives you the best chance of getting the bus you really want.
  • Scheduling in advance puts you in the position to swoop in on cancellations and last-minute changes to upgrade your rental.
  • If your plans fluctuate, a long scheduling period gives you time to adjust the rental details before any cutoff dates for deposit returns.

Bring Plenty of Party Favors

Even for short trips, party favors and car games are a great way to bring the group together for some memorable fun. These tips are aimed a creating the perfect onboard entertainment schedule for your group.

  • Give your group trip entertainment a common theme. Trivia games, karaoke contests, and name-that-song competitions are good choices for trips to musical events.
  • Make fashion a group effort. Decorative sunglasses, matching t-shirts, and customized hats ramp up group unity and just make everything more fun.
  • Bring an assortment of small prizes to hand out as prizes for on-board contests. Go to your local discount gift store or use your crafting skills to gather a variety of interesting items to keep the competition hot.

With these tips, your next girl’s weekend is guaranteed to be the best one yet.

Get ready for girls-only fun on the road with these group travel planning tips!

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