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5 Tips to Make Sure Everyone Has a Good Time On A Group Trip

A group vacation can be stressful for everyone involved and an extra long trip can add to that stress. Seeing new things is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming to be away from home.

Simple things, like leaving time to do independent things, can make the trip that much better. It is important to think of how to make a long trip seem too short during the planning stages. These are 5 tips to make sure everyone has a good time.

  1. Being on a long group vacation can become overwhelming if every day is planned out with an attraction. Leave a few hours in each day for each member to do their own exploring. Chances are the group isn’t doing everything each member would like to see. So, having independent time allows for everyone to do what they want.

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  2. Having one big attraction to see a day can help the group look forward to the rest of the trip. Don’t try to jam pack everything into the first few days – spread the fun throughout the whole trip. Jam-packing the first few days and leaving the end of the trip sparse will leave the group exhausted and ready to go home rather than energized and excited.
  3. When you’re on a group vacation leave time for rest. Continuously going and going will wear the group down, but leaving every other morning with time to relax by the hotel pool before lunch will reset the group’s energy level. Do not fly through meal time and leave little room to sit down and enjoy the food. Hangry explorers won’t have a good time on the trip.
  4. When planning the trip be sure to include excursions and attractions that everyone would like to be a part of. If someone doesn’t see anything they wanted to do on the itinerary, the trip will seem even longer and no fun. It is easy to get everyone’s opinion on the itinerary and include everyone by using surveys. Start big and narrow all the things that everyone wants to down until it will all fit into the trip.
  5. here’s a tip to help make sure that everyone gets along on the group vacation, especially when it’s a long one. If certain personalities do not gel and there isn’t any escape it can make for a miserable trip. Plan “get to know you” days and see that everyone can handle being on a longer trip together before it is too late.

Now that you know how to be sure everyone on a long group trip has fun, start planning yours today!

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