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Planning a Bus Trip Through British Columbia

British Columbia has a lot to offer. From beautiful landscapes to fun sightseeing in downtown Vancouver, there is something to do for everyone in organized travel groups to enjoy. Planning a trip can leave you stressed trying to find the perfect activities to fill your time. Your trip can be a short one or a long one, British Columbia will keep you busy the whole time. These are the top 10 things for organized travel groups to do on a bus trip through British Columbia.

  1. Visit North America’s third largest park, Stanley Park. Experience the Seawall, a scenic, 5.5-mile path along the waterfront. The park has 1,000 acres, which includes an aquarium, nature center, and other recreational facilities.
  2. Explore Granville Island, a former industrial site that has been transformed into an artsy, posh neighborhood with quaint shops, cafes, and bookstores.
  3. Walk through spectacular shoreline panoramas and seaward vistas on the Wild Pacific Trail, located in Ucluelet. You can storm watch and see how the wild storm waves and high tides impact the coastline with every storm big or small.

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  4. The Capilano Suspension Bridge offers an irreplaceable view of the forest below from a treetop suspension bridge built it 1889.
  5. Butchart Gardens is the perfect activity for plant lovers. Visit the well-known botanical garden in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island in British Island.
  6. The Whistler Blackcomb is perfect for the active and athletic visitors. This ski resort is the largest in North America located north of Vancouver.
  7. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve comprises three separate regions: Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail including a beach and a 75 km rainforest trail.
  8. See the beautiful Okanagan Lake with breathtaking views of the mountains from the valley.
  9. Learn about the history of British Columbia by exploring the museums like Science World & Royal British Columbia Museum. They will have interactive displays that are fun for all ages.
  10. Experience royalty at the Craigdarroch Castle, lavish furnishings from the 1890s and it’s known for stained-glass and intricate woodwork.

British Columbia stretches across Canada’s west coast along the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of activities for organized travel groups to take part in. Visiting this beautiful Canadian providence will not leave visitors bored or disappointed. From the beautiful landscapes to cute little coffee shops, there is something for everyone to love about British Columbia. Start planning your bus trip through British Columbia today!

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