Picking the right student travel tours and destination

Setting Up Student Travel Tours: Picking the Right Destination

Student travel tours are a wonderful way for students to see the world they are living in and gain perspective on life before adulthood.

The experience depends on the destination for your student travel tours. Having the right destination can take some thought and research, but it will be worth it in the end. If you have the wrong destination, it will be miserable and wasted for everyone going. These are 5 tips for setting up your student travel tours to the right destination.

  1. Take the students opinion into account. If the group of student traveling isn’t looking to volunteer then a service learning destination would not be good. Students should go on a guided tour if they want to explore it. Take your time and find the perfect program for the general goal of the trip.

    When it comes to student travel tours, make sure that your bus company has the right certificates and operating authority. Click here to see what to  look for.

  2. Think about the weather. If you’re choosing to go somewhere already freezing like Wisconsin in the winter, that may not be a fun trip. If an area is prone to natural disasters during a specific time of year, like hurricane season, consider a different time for a trip to Florida.
  3. Consider the budget for student travel tours. Picking a destination that is really expensive may be out of budget for many students leaving the trip really small, which can be less fun. The trip, as well as the attractions and cost of living, should be within an affordable range for students. Be prepared to help some students budget their finances to determine if they can go as well. Finances are a new thing for many students and they may need a little help figuring it out.
  4. If the student travel tours for the students to get experience volunteering ask many organizations and do some research to find where the most need is. Who knows, it may even be close to home or helping with hurricane or tornado relief. Be sure to prepare the students for what they will be seeing and doing so that if it seems like too much, the students can back out before it’s too late. Nothing brings down morale, like someone wishing to not be there.
  5. Finally choose a destination with the total opposite weather than where you’re leaving from. So if you’re from Ohio and used to snow, plan a trip to Florida to soak up the sun or if you are from Texas, choose to explore Yellowstone in Wyoming. Experiencing new weather is refreshing and will reset the students for the rest of the semester.

Now that you know these tips for picking the destination for student travel tours, plan yours today!

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