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The 7 Top Beaches in Florida – and Why

Florida’s coastline is filled with beautiful beaches. Many of these beaches have special features or amenities that make them ideal for certain visitors.

Here are seven of the best beaches in Florida and all they have to offer and the reasons why you should add them to the itinerary for your next group excursion.

South Beach

In South Beach, when the sun goes down, the lights turn on. This is the place for partygoers looking to perfect their tans during the day then dance the night away. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with nightclubs, fine dining, and artistic attractions. This is the place for those who want to experience all the modern conveniences of a luxury beach vacation.

Siesta Key

This family-friendly destination is a great place to relax when the heat of the city gets too high. Nestled in the warm and serene waters of the Florida Gulf, there is plenty of space for groups to put up volleyball nets, have a picnic, or indulge in some shell collecting. Take the kids to one of the playgrounds to dry off before heading back out on the road.

Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach is easily the largest beach in Key West. Its size makes it a popular place for sunbathers of all ages. However, parents of young ones especially love the gentle waters and even underwater terrain here. Every two years, the city tows in tons of sand from the Bahamas to refresh the area for the comfort of visitors. It’s also a great place for snorkeling.

Sanibel Beach

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is the place. Sanibel Beach’s unique east-west orientation puts it in the ideal position to collect floating sea life. Spend the day searching for shells and cockles or practice your golf swing. An authentic lighthouse that sits on a remote part of the beach makes an ideal backdrop to your leisurely stroll by the water.

White Pier

Locally known as the Unfinished Road to Cuba, White Pier is a long, thin concrete passageway that stretches into the waters surrounding Key West. While not a beach in the traditional sense, White Pier is a great place for some fantastic photo ops with your group members.

Palm Beach

Hobnob with Florida’s elite at Palm Beach. The Kennedys, Rockefellers, and many other influential families hold winter homes in this area. Explore some of the highest-quality shopping, dining, and hotel accommodations in the world around Palm Beach. John D. MacArthur State Park is an excellent place to take a nature walk and view diverse marine and plant life.

Miami Beach

For Latin-flavored fun, head over to Miami Beach. Enjoy the pristine waters and sunshine while getting to know some of the most colorful characters in the world. This area shuns inhibitions and celebrates the beauty of individuality.

Florida’s thousands of miles of coastline are dotted with beaches, swimming holes, and hideaways. Spend some time at one of these impressive picks on your next group vacation.

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