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What’s A Party Bus?

There are a few terms on the Internet that are more confusing than “party bus.” If you sat in a room with 20 people and asked them to describe what a party bus is, what it looked like, and what you do with one, you would get 20 different answers. As the most-searched-for bus term on the web, there are definitely a lot of interpretations of what someone is looking for when they type it into google or ask Siri.

The first thing that needs to be straightened out is that there is a major difference between what bus companies think of when they hear party buses and what the average consumer thinks of.

What bus operators think a party bus is: Limo… bus… where people go to party… Basically, that sums it up.

party bus
party bus
party bus

A lot of traditional bus operators know the above style of the bus as a party bus. Most traditional operators do not run this type of equipment, because it has historically been… well, an issue. From drunk frat parties to cleaning crews having to spend crazy amounts of time cleaning unimaginable messes up after a night out, traditional charter fleet operators have shifted away from this type of equipment. Pair that with increasing challenges with commercially insuring this type of vehicle and the vast majority have bowed out. However, these vehicles are still available in many markets like more traditional limo operators (who are also on and are a lot of fun.

If the above picture is not what you think of when you say party bus, you are not alone! A lot of consumers think that party buses are any of the below vehicle types.

charter bus
mini bus
charter bus
school bus
entertainer coach bus
double decker bus

What bus operators call charter buses, minibusses, motor coaches, and even executive coaches, many consumers think of as party buses.

The reason this distinction is important is that sometimes translation can stand in the way of someone getting what they want.

Picture Jim. Jim has been tasked with getting the “party bus” for his family reunion to take everyone to surprise grandma at the bingo hall and then go to the beach for the afternoon.

Jim picks heads to BusRates finds an operator in Grandma’s home town and gives them a call.

“Thanks for calling Sea Shore Charters, how can I help you”

“ Hi, I need to see if you have a party bus available on July 24th and how much it would cost?” Jim says.

“Sorry, we don’t do party buses.”

“Oh, but I was on your site and saw…” he responds before getting cut off…

“We don’t have any party buses, we don’t run that type of equipment.”

“Oh… ok… thanks” Jim says before hanging up, confused.

The truth is that what Jim wanted, Sea Shore Charters has, but there was confusion.

Knowing what you really want, and what bus companies call them, will help you make sure you are not like Jim… because lets face it, no one wants to be like Jim!

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