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Use the Search Box at the top of this page to hone in on your desired location and view all of the bus operators that service that area for pick-up, or use the quick-links to major cities and areas below to browse all of the bus companies listed within the directory.

Why Use this Free Directory to Charter a Bus?

Most websites first found on the internet are brokers, networks or "specialists." Most customers are unaware that these third-party services add an average markup of 25% to your price. For groups preferring to bypass these commissions, offers the first free database of companies that own the buses they charter. So whether you're a group looking to charter directly, or a reseller looking for "wholesale rates," gives you the information you need to quickly find specific bus types without the legwork, helping you save the most time and money of any site online today!

What Bus Type Should I Search For?

If you're trying to determine what would be the best bus type for your group travel, please review our Bus Types Reference Guide. Bus Type Reference Guide

It's a quick and helpful summary of the types of buses that indexes. It describes the common seating, amenities, and average price per day to give you a general overview of the options available to search for in your area.

How Do I Verify Operating Authority?

Determine if the bus operator you are interested in is authorized, compliant and safe with the Operator Authority Guide.

Operator Authority Guide by

The guide provides an overview of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's SAFER Company Snapshot. It includes authority, licensing and insurance, and safety results from the SMS system.


Tips & Info for Chartering a Bus

Over the years of helping charter-seeking consumers contact and book directly with the bus companies that are right for them, we've amassed some great tips and info that we love to pass on to our users.