Galaxy Vacations Inc

Orlando Florida

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Galaxy Vacations, Inc. began operations in February 01, 1976 in the lower lobby of the St. Moritz Hotel in Miami and Orlando, Florida. At that time, tour companies offered services on a need basis, which travel agents and wholesalers would be charged depending on the amount of customers and the type of transportation needed. If the groups were to diminish for any reason, the cost of operation would increase. Galaxy Vacations, Inc. began the first daily operation from Miami to Orlando back to MIAMI, where all travel agents and wholesalers would be able to “purchase a tour with a guaranteed price, and the risk of selling the seats would be Galaxy Vacation, Inc.'s alone”. Our company was also the first tour operator with its own buses and minibuses, which back then, no other tour company had. During the late 80s we began operations from Scandinavia and Europe bringing about 750,000 customers per year for the following 3 years. In that same time period, our company grew its fleet of buses to 63. In the 1990s, we split the company into several divisions, leaving the bus transportation and taxi cab divisions separate from the tour operation. Galaxy Vacations, Inc. decided to focus more on its core competency: catering to customers from Latin America