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3 Tips for Keeping Kids Occupied During Bus Travel Trips

Using a charter bus for your group travels can make your journey as much fun as arriving at your destination.

For families with youngsters, however, long bus travel trips can be challenging. How can chaperones keep kids of all ages amiable? Use these tips to keep kids occupied so you can enjoy your ride.

Get a Bus with All the Bells and Whistles

Load your rental bus with features and conveniences to increase the comfort factor for your entire group.

-A motorcoach with a bathroom is a must when traveling with children. Tiny bladders need frequent relief. With a bathroom onboard, you won’t have to make as many time-wasting comfort stops.

-Entertainment options like DVD/TV combos and sound systems offer a welcome distraction for road-weary little ones. Pop in their favorite movie and watch the miles fly by in blissful peace.

-Pick a bus with plenty of extra seating. This will give you space to spread out board games and art supplies. It’s also a great way to ensure there are spaces for napping tots.

The key to comfortable bus travel trips is, of course, the bus. Make sure you have everything you need to maximize your trip’s potential.

Create a Child-Friendly Itinerary

Give kids time to work out all their stored-up energy with a series of scheduled stops. Groups with toddlers should plan to stop at least once every 3 hours. For longer trips, break up the drive with a 2- to 3-hour rest in the middle. What can you do during these stops?

-Explore historic points of interest.

-Have a picnic in a park.

-Take a walk around a new town.

-Have lunch at a museum.

-Hunt for souvenirs.

Or ask your young ones for suggestions.

It’s important to get kids moving during these stops. A 15-minute stop could buy traveling parents hours of good behavior.

Stimulate and Educate

When the body of a little one is trapped in tiny quarters, the best way to keep them calm is to stimulate the mind. Inject some fun educational elements into your bus travel trips with these strategies.

-Before the trip, brainstorm a list of age-appropriate car games. Counting cars, I-Spy, and the license plate game make the scenery the main attraction. For older kids, try story games, charades, a bingo game.

-Have children create artwork based on their travels. Older children can write a short paragraph explaining the work.

-Whenever your group encounters a historical marker, jot down the name. Use the Wi-Fi connection in your charter bus to find out more about the place you’ve just visited.

Bus travel trips with children don’t have to be emotionally draining. Use these tips to ensure the best possible experience for travelers of all ages.