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How to Plan a Group Trip

Who doesn’t love hitting the road with family and friends? With the excitement of traveling, the days leading up to the big event are just as busy as the actual trip! Still, even the best-planned trips can go awry.  Traveling with a large group can be difficult, especially if you’re leading the charge with planning …

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Motorcoach vs School Bus: Whats The Difference?

There are so many different ways to travel and different methods for traveling. You can travel by air or by road. You can travel by train. You can travel between destinations in your everyday vehicle. But what do you do when you’re traveling with a large group of people? Large groups won’t fit into a …

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Motorcoach vs Executive Coach: Whats the Difference?

Are you getting married, taking a family trip, going on a tour, or attending any other events? Any of these group trips can be made better and more comfortable! Have you considered renting a motorcoach or an executive coach for your next trip or event? If you think both of these ideas sound good, you …

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Motorcoach vs Minibus: Whats the Difference?

If you need to charter a bus for an upcoming trip, you have the option to either rent a minibus or a motorcoach. As two of the most commonly employed methods of group transportation, which would be the most economical for your group? Each has distinct features that you should be aware of before making …

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Benefits of renting a charter bus

5 Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus

Renting a charter bus provides a unique experience unlike any other. We offer a variety of rentals to choose from that are sure to match your budget and your needs. Whether you want a shuttle service at a wedding or want to plan a vacation to see popular sites and iconic destinations, we are the …

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Ten Travel Resolutions to Make (and Keep) in 2020

Travel Sustainably: Choose green travel options like motorcoach transportation, pick LEED rated hotels, and bring sustainable products like reusable water bottles to decrease your environmental impact. Be Adventurous: Try new things! Whether that’s booking a group trip with people you don’t know or journeying to a new region, you won’t regret trying something new. Hit …

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Motorcoaches

Are you planning a trip and trying to figure out your mode of transportation? We’ve all been there. Something that might help your decision is learning a few things about the type of transit you want to take. If you’re interested in motorcoach travel, here are a few coach facts: The Coach Industry Makes Jobs: …

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Top Travel Trends to Look Out for in 2020

In 2020, travel is more accessible to more people than ever before. That means there are also more awesome travel tips and trends than ever before. Whether you’re a globe trotting novice or a nomadic pro, you’ll want to check out these top five 2020 trends. Ecotourism: More travel = more CO2 emissions. In 2020 …

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2020 Travel Prep Tips

Traveling is one of the best ways to release stress and get out of the daily grind, however, preparing to hit the road can be stressful. No worries though, we’ve got some great tips to help your travel prep go smoothly: Take Care of Bills: Finances are the last thing you want on your mind …

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Holiday Transportation for Your Service Group

The holidays are here and ‘tis the season to give. No matter if you are giving your time, your talents, and/or your resources, this time of year is the perfect time to reach out to others. Make it easy for your service group to travel to your service destination by chartering a motorcoach. Coaches are …

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