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Coming Up With Ideas for Group Travel Experiences

Having trouble thinking up new destinations for your group trips? Use these tips to find the best place for your next group travel experience. Think About the Weather Vacations are meant to be fun and comfortable. You can’t do that if the weather makes you miserable the entire time. Use the weather to help you …

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Organizing a Custom Group Trip Brews Cruise – 4 Key Tips

Do you love beer and travel? A Brews Cruise is the best way to combine those passions! You and a group of adult friends can spend several days exploring craft breweries and enjoying a variety of attractions along the way. Each tour includes a driver-operated coach, so your group can fully enjoy the experience. Use …

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3 Tips for Keeping Kids Occupied During Bus Travel Trips

Using a charter bus for your group travels can make your journey as much fun as arriving at your destination. For families with youngsters, however, long bus travel trips can be challenging. How can chaperones keep kids of all ages amiable? Use these tips to keep kids occupied so you can enjoy your ride. Get …

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5 Must-Have Accessories to Make Your Next Group Travel Trip Fun

Enhance your next group travel trip with these five gadgets. These items will increase the safety, connectivity, and enjoyment for everyone in your group! Neck Wallets Forget the fanny pack! Foil potential thieves who prey on unsuspecting tourists with an easy-to-conceal neck wallet. These slim pouches are roomy enough to hold your passport, event tickets, …

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5 Common Bus Travel Myths Busted

There are some common misconceptions that keep group travel organizers from choosing this option during planning sessions. Here is the truth behind five of the most frequently misunderstood components of bus travel. It Will Take Too Long Why should your group spend hours or even days chewing up miles of highway when you could be …

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Group Travel Planner

Tips for Group Travel Planners and How to Plan, Lead and Still Have Fun

Planning, coordinating, and executing a group trip takes a lot of energy from the group travel planner. The group travel planner sacrifices their time and resources to ensure everyone else has the best possible experience. However, this can often leave the organizers themselves too worn out, frazzled, or distracted to enjoy the trip themselves. These …

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Winter Vacation Tips for Group Travel: Snow Doesn’t Mean Don’t Go!

Winter is a great time for group travel, with it come the cold weather which keeps adventurers close to home, vacation destinations are willing to offer a steep discount to those willing to brave less-than-perfect weather conditions. So, you don’t have to ski or snowboard to have a fabulous winter vacation. Similarly you don’t have …

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5 Ways to Make Travel More Fun on Your Next Group Adventure

Whether you’re planning an extended vacation with the family or want to enjoy watching your favorite team with your friends, group travel makes most experiences more fun. Did you know there are some simple things you can do to increase your group’s enjoyment even more? Use these 5 tips to make your next group adventure …

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Bus safety is important

Bus Safety: What You Need to Know

Renting a charter bus is a great way to enjoy your group excursion. But is it a safe way to travel? What should you know about bus safety before making your next reservation? How can you improve safety conditions for your fellow bus travelers? How Governments Regulate Bus Travel In the United States, all bus …

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How to travel by motorcoach with kids and teens

4 Crucial Tips for an Easier Group Bus Trip with Kids and Teens

Bus travel is a great way for school, sports, and community groups to take part in a variety of stimulating activities. From away games to academic decathlons, student-age groups gain valuable life experiences from these trips. However, underage group travel presents some unique challenges for chaperones. How can responsible adults keep their group of youngsters …

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