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Ten Travel Resolutions to Make (and Keep) in 2023

Travel Sustainably: Choose green travel options like motorcoach transportation, pick LEED rated hotels, and bring sustainable products like reusable water bottles to decrease your environmental impact.

Be Adventurous: Try new things! Whether that’s booking a group trip with people you don’t know or journeying to a new region, you won’t regret trying something new.

Hit the Road: Enjoy the journey – take a road trip. See the country in a whole new way by taking a coach tour.

Up Your Snack Game: With so many easy snack options, you no longer have to commit to slim jims and day-old donuts. Try things like pre-cut fruit, delicious protein bars, and single-serve popcorn on for size.

Take a Break: Instead of rushing from one place to the next, take a beat and really enjoy the area you’re visiting.

Keep a Travel Journal: Collect small memorabilia and write snippets about your adventures. You’ll love being able to relive your vacation long after it’s over.

Look for Experiences: Wine tastings in California, surfing lessons in Florida, apple picking in New Hampshire – take the time to enjoy actually doing things when you’re on vacation.

Use Tech to Your Advantage: Instead of letting your phone distract you, make it work for you. Save all your event passes and transportation info, take pictures and videos, and contact family and friends while you’re on the road to make your trip more streamlined and enjoyable.

Take ALL Your Time Off: If you have PTO, use it! Don’t let yourself become overworked and burnt out. Take your PTO and let it reenergize you!

Become a Light Packer: Minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to packing in 2023. The less you bring, the less you have to worry about. That means you can have fun without worrying about keeping track of everything.