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5 Ways to Make Travel More Fun on Your Next Group Adventure

Whether you’re planning an extended vacation with the family or want to enjoy watching your favorite team with your friends, group travel makes most experiences more fun.

Did you know there are some simple things you can do to increase your group’s enjoyment even more? Use these 5 tips to make your next group adventure more exciting, relaxing, and memorable for everyone.

1. Rent a Bus

Individual vehicles are a convenient way to arrive at your group destination. However, group planners can have a hard time keeping everyone on schedule when this is the preferred travel choice. Renting a charter bus not only saves time, money, and aggravation, it also gives travelers more opportunities to socialize with other group members. Consider a party bus with a built-in bar to maximize the fun on adult trips.

2. Try Something New

Even on vacation, we tend to engage in the same activities. Choose a group activity that’s new and challenging to most of the group. Rock climbing, laser tag, and impromptu competitions are a great way to get all your group members together and create a sense of unity. Ask your fellow travelers what kinds of activities they’d like to try, then organize a vote on the top 2 or 3 choices.

3. Leave Room for Error

The best experiences often begin in unexpected situations. Instead of filling your itinerary with activities, leave some free time for group members to explore on their own. Those who need more rest can use the time to recharge for the next big group adventure event. More active travelers can use the time to discover unique sites and people.

4. Document Your Trip

Create a social media page and allow group members to upload their pictures, videos, and notes on your shared trip. This collection makes all your awesome memories available for group members long after everyone has gone home. Your social media page also functions as an impromptu messaging board for travelers to connect with each other while exploring separately.

5. Variety is Key

Your group travel plans may revolve around one big event. That doesn’t mean, however, that is all you have to do. Mix up your itinerary with a variety of activities that appeal to the diverse personalities in your group. Alternate between strenuous activities like walking tours or rock climbing with more sedate affairs like souvenir shopping and visiting historical sites. Spend the day riding bikes and dedicate the nights to drinks and nightlife. A variety of recreational activities ensures no one feels bored or left out.

These tips help planners create the ultimate trip experience for everyone in their travel group.

Inject more fun into your group adventure travel plans with these 5 tips.

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