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7 Tips on How to Plan a Youth Trip

Taking today’s youth to see the world around them can be an amazing experience. A youth trip can teach them about new cultures. It can show them beautiful scenery they would otherwise never experience.

Though planning a youth trip can be daunting, it can be totally worth it. These are 7 important tips for planning youth group trips:

  1. Choosing a tour operator is one of the most important choices of a youth group trip. You will want to make sure that the company and guide you chose to partner with is an expert the area and subject matter your group is focusing on and experienced with the age group on the trip. If the guide is inexperienced or has a totally different goal in mind the trip can end up being no fun for everyone involved.
  2. Choosing the right bus can make or break youth group trips. Depending on the size and of the group going on the trip can depend on the type and number of buses you will need. If it’s a smaller group you may only need one bus, but if it is

    You do not want someone who could care less what the kids do to be in charge of their safety. You want someone who will watch and guide them…

    a large group you may end up needing more. The location and change the type of bus as well. You will want the group to be comfortable while traveling. If the trip is long you would consider a motorcoach bus, but if it’s only a day trip something more simple.

  3. Another major part of planning youth group trips is the goal of the trip. If this is a school- led trip it must have some sort of educational component. The activities would have to work around that. For example, if you are taking the students to Washington D.C. the goal would probably be government and politics. You would want to focus on visiting places such as the Capital Building. If you are taking a youth group trip for a camp, remembering the goal is important. If everyone signed up for a nature related trip and you spend most of the time exploring history and art museums it would not be fun for the kids.
  4. Let the group have some time to explore on their own- depending on their ages. If the youth group trip is for teens, giving them an afternoon to explore a restricted area (like “The Mall” in Washington D.C.) would work well. If the trip is geared more for younger children, then giving them a little freedom could be allowing them to choose between two different activities.
  5. Send the itinerary early. It will help let the group know what they are in for and set the expectations before you even leave the parking lot. It will also allow the group to prepare and have everything they need ready and packed well before leaving. This tip could save a lot of time and hassle on youth group trips.
  6. Prepare the group with what to expect. Hold several meetings leading up to the trip to go over what is going to happen on the trip. Go through the itinerary thoroughly and explain what you expect to get out of each excursion.
  7. Be sure to have chaperones you trust and ensure the parents of the kids going that they will be safe every minute of the trip. You do not want someone who could care less what the kids do to be in charge of their safety. You want someone who will watch and guide them, but still allow them to have fun on the youth group trip. Hold meetings with the chaperones to set expectations and explain the rules of the trip.

Now that you know these essential tips, you are ready to start planning the best youth group trip ever!

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