Group Planner: Group Trip Ideas for Adults

As you’re making plans for summer vacation, we want to throw this out for consideration: leave the kids at home and plan an adults-only group travel trip.

Now, we’re not talking about a bachelor/bachelorette excursion (However, we can help you out with that too). What we would prescribe is hustling up a group of age-appropriate friends, loading up your charter bus and hitting the road for…

Wineries, Breweries and Distilled Spirits:

This one will require identification and a palate ready for adult beverages. Production facility tours are now destination points in many states. Wineries, in particular, have built a visit to their property into an experience versus a short tour.

These days, in areas like the Virginia or Oregon wine regions, wineries offer tours, tastings, plus picturesque landscapes complete with picnic tables. Craft breweries have followed a similar game plan. For distilled spirits fans, there’s the beauty of the Kentucky bluegrass on the Bourbon Trail or the Smokey Mountains sipping whiskey. Depending on your group size you may want to consider a coach, a sleeper or a limo bus.

Austin City Limits Live, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Any Large Gathering of People for Music:

Now children of all ages will be hip-to-hip for these larger than life shows, but we’re suggesting you may have more fun without them. Think about it: Crowds averaging between 75,000-80,000 in the summer heat, possibly the summer rain and subsequent mud. Do you really want to be keeping tabs on your teen while trying to do your thing with Mumford & Sons or Nine Inch Nails? That’s what we thought. So check out your bus options here, including those with showers.

Culture and Classics:

In complete contrast to the relive your youth group trip, head to the city and take in some culture and class. Plan a weekend infused with the finer things that you love that your kids don’t (yet).

You could also do an “arts up the East” by starting in DC at the Phillips, Corcoran or National Portrait Gallery; head to Philadelphia to visit the newly renovated Rodin Museum and follow it up in the Big Apple with MoMA and the Met. All three are also great locales for theater lovers and foodies.

Now that we’ve planted some seeds for adult-only group travels, it’s time to start planning. Click over to to pick your charter bus in a city near you. Making arrangements for babysitters is on you.