Agenda of Attractions for Travelers

When planning your group’s travel agenda, it might be easy to take a cookie cutter approach, and think that if it worked for my family of four, it will work for 60 or more. We would caution that unlike the souvenir shirt that’s one-size-fits-all, vacations, especially attractions, need to be tailored for your group. So what exactly makes an attraction….well… attractive?

You may want to consider your destination points from a logistical perspective:

  • Is the spot known for successfully handling larger groups?
  • Where would the buses park?
  • Will pick-up diminish the destination experience?
  • How much time is needed to get the full experience?
  • What are the food options?
  • Does the attraction fall within the budget? The timeline?

You could also examine the attraction’s appeal from your group’s perspective:

  • Will your party be excited about going to the attraction? (Will they buy the postcard?)
  • Does the attraction offer something for a variety of interests?
  • Is the attraction a value-add to the overall group trip?
  • Is the stop unique or something they wouldn’t have otherwise considered?
  • Are there facilities and/or accommodations for special needs? (Ramps for wheel chairs, closed captioning for the hearing impaired, etc.)

We would also suggest using reviews off of TripAdvisor or Yelp! to help in guiding your decision process. If it happened to one traveler, try imagining it magnified in a group dynamic. Their issues could be a road map to successful planning.

Now that you’ve thought through the decision factors, get your mouse in motion on our group-friendly attractions directory to create your group’s amazing attractions agenda today.