Best Educational Tips and Destination Inspiration of 2014

As we officially enter the year of flying cars, hydrating pizzas and hoverboards (at least foretold in the sci-fi classic Back to the Future Part II), let’s not forget everything that has brought us to 2015. The Charter Partner, now in its third year, has grown to encompass a great deal of wonderful information for group travel planners just like you!

Over the course of the previous year, we explored dozens of group travel topics and learned a lot about group travel planning, including ways to save money and shop smarter when booking hotels, motorcoach operators and more. In fact, we poured over every Charter Partner article in 2014 and narrowed down our favorite picks for our Year in Review.

We’ll start the recap of 2014 with some of our favorite lessons…

Section 1: Educational Resources for Group Planning

1) Prep Work for Picking a Charter Bus

If you’ve received quotes and are looking to narrow your options to ensure you select the best bus operator for your group, transform these 10 questions into answers to help make the best decision when renting a charter bus.

2) Taking a “Spirited” Ride Aboard a Motorcoach

One of the many questions we are often asked is, “Can you drink alcohol on a charter bus?” Find out our answer in this short article which provides an overview of the laws and guidelines for consumption of alcohol when chartering a motorcoach.

3) Hotels: What Matters Most to Groups

If you’ve been tasked with picking a group-friendly hotel, what are things you should look for when comparing options? Join us in this article as we look at some of the most frequently sought-after value assets that group leaders look for when booking a hotel.

4) Learn Travel Lingo for Group Trips

Can you “talk the talk” when booking group charter transportation? We’ll define some common slang and phrases you’ll encounter during the charter booking process to help you graduate from group travel novice to savvy group leader.

5) Packing List Tips for Motorcoach Travel

Hooray, a trip is planned and you’ll be traveling by charter bus! But what should you pack? How does luggage work on a motorcoach? Join us as we answer these questions about suitcases and carry-ons for charter transportation, including tips for well-packed luggage.

…and we’ll end our recap with some of our favorite trip destination ideas

Section 2: Group Travel Destination Inspiration

1) American History Comes Alive for Group Tours in Gettysburg

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Join us as we look at the best things to do, appetizing places to eat, and fun attractions that can be seen at this historic group travel destination.

2) Back-to-Back Beer City USA Champion Grand Rapids

The city that won “Beer City USA” in 2012 and 2013 continues to prove it earned its name. Over fifteen breweries make this a perfect destination for craft beer aficionados. Join us as we take a look at some of the most group-friendly breweries and suggest food pairings for the second-largest city in the Mitten State.

3) The Nelson 151 Trail

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a breath-taking sight and provide limitless opportunities for group travel experiences. Join us as we take a look at breweries, wineries, and a gorilla (seriously!) along the base of the mountains on the Nelson 151 Trail outside of Charlottesville, VA.

4) Making Quality Time a Priority at Pigeon Forge

Taking a break from the routine for summer vacation is great, and spending it with loved ones and friends makes it even better. Couple that with a great destination like Pigeon Forge and you’ve got the recipe for an incredible itinerary around the eastern part of Tennessee, surrounded by the Smoky Mountains.

5) Mardi Gras Parties for Groups: Beads, Buds and Buses

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, but did you know Mardi Gras celebrations can be found all over the country? Join us in Alabama, Missouri, Texas and California for Fat Tuesday festivals across the United States, including the best way to travel between them.

In 2015 we’ll continue to provide more fun, helpful resources for group leaders looking for inspiration or knowledge about chartering buses and planning group itineraries. Find these articles in the Charter Partner area of We look forward to another year full of fun group travel ideas and adventures.