Group Planner: Black Friday Limo Bus Shopping Trip

The days leading up to Christmas always seem to bring to mind images of frantic and frenzy. For the 2013 holiday shopping spree, we think civilized should be the style of the season.

We’re sure you’re thinking that Christmas shopping is anything but civilized. However, if you and your fellow shoppers take a limo-bus, then you’re taking your capitalism crusade to a whole new level.

Limo bus interiors vary so be sure to ask for photos. This limo bus is owned
and operated by M & L Transit Systems, Inc (Boston metropolitan area)

Imagine you and up to 50-friends, riding in leather seats, taking in the gorgeous holiday sights while an onboard attendant tends to the drinks. If that doesn’t bring to peace, then consider this:

  • Someone else is fighting the traffic instead of you. That’s the chauffeur’s duty.
  • There’s no fighting for a parking spot with drop off right at the door.
  • You can eat brunch on the way to the stores and have happy hour on the way home, including adult beverages for a bit of the season spirit.
  • You can watch Christmas movies on the way on the DVD system.
  • It’s a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone: catch up with friends and tackle the shopping list.

Beyond that, it’s an extremely green decision by reducing the number of cars on the road during a peak period. Additionally, a bus is 475% more efficient than a hybrid vehicle in the amount of fuel used per passenger and produces lower noise levels while also reducing carbon emissions. So in one trip, you’ve contributed to the economy, reduced your carbon footprint and kept the holidays civilized.

So now’s the time to make your holiday shopping plans on Just get started, and we’ll give you prime options with no markup. That should add a bit more cheer to your shopping excursion!