What Amenities Do Charter Buses Have

Sometimes charter bus transportation gets a bad rap. Memories from school trips more than a decade ago or ticketed runs across the country where passengers were loaded and unloaded a hundred times along the way paint an improper picture of the industry as a whole.

In fact, modern charter bus transportation is not only luxurious, it’s downright cool. Look no further than the “kids’” comments on Twitter—free WiFi to stream online movies and videos, 110 volt outlets in each row to recharge iPads, iPods, and other electronic devices, and newer, more comfortable seats, footrests, air conditioning and lights can make a long charter bus ride feel like the President’s Air Force One.

When renting a charter bus, remember that each bus is lovingly cared for and maintained by a team of mechanics and drivers and that no two buses are alike. How’s a group planner to know what lies behind that metal chassis exterior and determine what luxurious amenities lay wait inside? Count on BusRates.com to give you a quick overview of a company’s equipment, and before booking, confirm details or ask for photos.

“I’m interested in renting your charter bus; could you please email me photos of the interior?”

In order to help you determine which companies you’d like to contact, BusRates.com features an amenities listing for each bus operator profile. Take a look at the sample image below.

To help categorize bus features, each company’s fleet is indexed with the following notations and common amenities:

  • Qty – Quantity of this type of bus the company owns
  • Seats – The number of seats available for your group onboard the bus
  • BusType – We index 11 general types of buses—visit the Bus Types Reference Guide for descriptions and approximate national rates
  • Year – The year of the bus model, frequently displayed as a range from oldest to newest
  • OTR – Is the company willing to take this bus “Over The Road” which is usually defined by traveling long distances out of state and overnight
  • Rstrm – Restroom on board
  • CD – CD player on board
  • DVD – There are usually 5 to 6 TV monitors on board full-sized deluxe motor coaches with a DVD player
  • STV – Satelite TV to watch television channels on board the monitors
  • WiFi – Wireless internet access to navigate the web on laptops and mobile devices
  • PA – Public address system on board to help make announcements to the group
  • ADA – Wheelchair elevator on board
  • Alch – Alcohol is allowed on board

In addition, 110 volt outlets for charging electrical devices are becoming increasingly popular (and will be noted on BusRates.com soon), so feel free to inquire about this feature on newer coaches. Other amenities found on buses are tables, booth-like seating in limo and party buses, convertible bunks in entertainer coaches, shades, carpeting or hardwood flooring, cloth or leather reclining seating, and catered food.

Fortunately, BusRates.com makes it easy for you to get all the details you need from bus operators in your local area. We list each operator’s phone number, email address, and website right next to their bus photo so you can easily reach them in the manner that suits you best. We’re living in the digital age, so ask for photos! Operators who take good care of their equipment love to share their vehicles with you.