Group Planner: Wedding Venue Transportation

There are only a million decisions to be made when planning a wedding: Where should we hold the wedding reception? How many should we have in the wedding party? Bunny hop or chicken dance?

Once these important details are determined, we would offer that managing how your guests or attendants get to and from the ceremony or reception should also be a factor. Just think about how providing transportation could help if…

  1. You have a lot of out-of-towners who don’t know the area.
  2. The event location may be remote.
  3. You want to set a different tone for your wedding.
  4. Trying to keep the wedding party together and on time will be like herding cats.
  5. Keeping safety first is a great party favor.

There are many different options for charter rental transportation to choose from, and you can check them out here in our handy reference guide. However, we would offer that the size of your group and style will be your primary deciding factors.


For the larger groups or remote locations, you might want to look at a charter bus or minibus for your needs. A charter bus can seat more than 55 guests, while a minibus can accommodate smaller groups of ten to 35. Both options enable your guests to sit back and relax on their way to the wedding. To add some extra flair, consider running a video or slideshow of your story on the provided DVD/TV system to set the tone (check the ammenity tables on each operator profile for appropriate equipment).


Now, if you want to go above and beyond on style, there are a couple of options for smaller groups or your wedding party. If the flare needs to be up to eleven, then consider the limo bus that features leather perimeter seating and can even have an onboard attendant to serve drinks. Alternatively, if a classic flare is more of what you’re looking for, then consider a trolley that can seat 20 to 40 guests in a vintage-Americana style. Both options present unique photo ops and unorthodox means of staying safe and getting to the reception on time.

To learn more about your wedding day options, check out our bus types reference guide and then click away to find what you need in your area!