Best Chicago Museums, Movies & Munchies for Group Travel

Name that town: It’s the first to build a skyscraper. It has three of the world’s tallest buildings and the world’s largest municipal building. If the architecture fun facts weren’t enough to give it away, consider that this amazing city is also home to the world’s largest Tiffany stained-glass window. Its beloved baseball team has a 68-year pennant drought that pre-dates the baseball expansion era. Oh, and it’s known for its improv comedy, as well as incredible blues. No other town can stir up awe quite like “my kind of town”—Chicago.

Setting a course to “Second City” makes for a great trip with an agenda that can be widely diverse covering arts to sports or hyper-focused and deep such as one on the city’s architecture. Or if you’d like to throw a bit of creative flair into the mix, consider a 3M agenda of museums, movies and munchies.


Chicago boasts more than 40 museums dedicated to preserving and educating different facets of our history and culture. Go see Sue, the world’s largest and most complete T. rex, at the Field Museum. Soak up the Seaurat at the Art Institute of Chicago or explore the Museum of Science and Industry, the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere with more than 35,000 artifacts.


The “Windy City” has played a supporting role in countless Hollywood productions and your group can stroll down those streets. Take some time and recreate the museum scene from Ferris Bueller or shop at Andy’s record store. Consider exploring tours that focus on John Hughes in the burbs, the High Fidelity tour in Wicker Park or the Gangland walk in the South Loop.


We could write libraries full of raving reviews for the food in Chicago. You could go traditional and snag a braut and beer or dive into a deep dish pizza. Everyone would walk away from a grand steak dinner or check out any of the new James Beard awardees throughout the loop.

With summer average temperatures being in the low to mid-80s, making Chicago a top destination is an easy decision. Check out our list of vetted charter bus companies that operate in the Chicago area.